Good intentions, gone bad.

I went to the gym this morning with the anticipation of doing legs and cycling training for my triathlon. The leg training went great! I am much stronger and better than I was three months ago, which is so motivating!

I then proceeded to hop onto the spin bike to start my cycling training. That didn’t go as planned. The bike was broken! After realizing this, I walked around the gym aimlessly trying to find alternative with no avail. So I just left. Have you ever had this happen? You go into something with an idea of what it’s going to be, what it’s going to look like and what’s going to happen…And it doesn’t turn out the way your planned.

How do you handle the situation? I definitely would like to learn from the situation but I’m not sure how. I guess I need to stop focusing on the routine, or the end result? I don’t know.

I do know that I didn’t get the amazing workout in today that I had planned. And it’s quite disheartening.


2 thoughts on “Good intentions, gone bad.

  1. jfgemini says:

    I would try something , that would test your strengths / weakness in a similar fashion . For example if for cycling your weakness is endurance , then you could have just done sometime on the rowing machine or on the treadmill . So you don’t feel bad about not getting a full workout in.


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