Bestowed Box Product Review

I found out about Bestowed through Twitter, as I do most products that I receive to blog about, and I contacted them because I think Nutrition boxes are so cool.

I have a tendency to eat the same thing, every singe day (so not kidding on this one), mainly because I am single and too lazy to cook something extravagant.

Nutrition boxes, like Bestowed have been a game changer in my boring life!

Before I get into my review, I need to mention that they did not pay me to do a review, but did provide me with free product to sample.

What’s in the Box:

  1. Oloves Hot Chilli Mama Olives
  2. Nature’s Earthly Choice Easy Quinoa Lentil Soup Mix
  3. Happy Family – Happy Squeeze Smoothies
  4. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts
  5. Artisana Coconut Butter
  6. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars
  7. iTrain Giftcard for Downloadable Workout
  8. Simply Snackin Jerky

What I have tried:

I had the Nature’s Earthly Choice Easy Quinoa Lentil Soup Mix for lunch today and threw in some carrots for some extra veges. It was delicious and a welcomed change from my usual turkey sandwich or wrap with carrots (like I said, I am boring).

I also ate the Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars after my last long run a few weeks ago. It tasted like a Fig Newton, but better! It satisfied my hunger for a few hours, which is pretty amazing because I am normally starving after an 11 miler.

I used the Artisana Coconut Butter to make the Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge I mentioned in a previous post. It was amazing!

I threw the Oloves Hot Chilli Mama Olives in my rendition of Stuft Mama’s Broccoli Slaw Bake and it was awesome! There were habanero peppers mixed in and they gave it a spicy kick!

I have yet to try the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts and the Happy Family – Happy Squeeze Smoothies because they scare me (rolling my eyes at myself). I know, I know, I am weird.


 If you send me a recipe with either one of these ingredients in them, I promise (promise! promise! promise!) I will make and and blog about it. Deal? I also promise to give you credit for the recipe.. so you will be like famous (okay, not famous, but famous to me!).

Overall, as I mentioned before, the box was a welcomed change to my boring eating routine! I would love to have a Bestowed Box come every month because it would force me to try new things!


It forces lazy people to try new foods!

It is exciting to get new things in the mail!

The food is good and good for you!

It is conveniently delivered to your door! (again with the laziness)

At only $19 a box, the convenience alone makes it worth it!


You might not be a fan of everything in the box. (But at least you tried something new, right?)

I am not, personally, a fan of on-the-go pouches, but if you have kids I am sure they would love it!

How it works:

  • Select your gift (3-months, 6-months or 1-year of Bestowed)
  • Boxes ship to arrive on the 15th of every month
  • Shipping is free!

Membership Options:

  • Monthly Membership – $19 billed monthly, cancel any time
  • 3-Month Gift Subscription – $57 billed once
  • 6-Month Gift Subscription – $114 billed once
  • 1-Year Gift Subscription – $209 billed once (12-months for the price of 11-months!)

If you are interested in getting your own Bestowed box, check out their website, find them on Twitter or like them on Facebook!



3 thoughts on “Bestowed Box Product Review

  1. Sarah Howard says:

    I get the happy squeeze smoothies for my 18 month old and he loves them. They are so good especially when you are traveling and there are not too many places with healthy choices to stop and eat. You can get the veggie ones and you can now ensure that your kids are getting a good serving of veggies. My sons favorite are the spinach and broccoli ones.


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