Product Review: KLUTCHclub “Best Of” Box

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and the award for the nutrition box with the most stuff goes too….


I was so stoked when I received a free “Best of” Box from KLUTCHclub and there were so many samples in it!

Check out the value you are getting in this one box!

All Natural Sleep Aids:

Immunity Boosters:

  • Allergease – for immunity, decongestion and allergies – full box ($5.99)
  • Immuno gum – protect yourself from germs in new environments – full pack ($3.49)
  • Eboost natural energy plus immunity boost ($3)

Travel Sized Toiletries:

  • Psst Dry Shampoo – refresh anywhere, no shower required ($2.99)
  • Giovanni travel size all eco shampoo and conditioner – sulfate free and Moroccan argon oil treats sun and chlorine damage ($5)
  • Cremo cream – travel size shaving cream featuring new technology that prevent cuts, bumps, razor burn – $5

Snacks & Nutrition:

  • GoNola – portable all natural granola ($1.50)
  • Funky Monkey – a full serving of fruit in a delicious crunchy snack ($2.00)
  • EcoTrek Fitness Whole Food Bar – transportable vegan nutrition bar (~$2.00)
  • CocoaVia – a chocolate supplement that supports healthy circulation ($17.99)
  • Nick’s Sticks – hormone free, free-range snack sticks for a protein packed snack ($2.50)

Mobile Fitness:

  • Turbo Fire – Greatest hits – workout in your hotel room with a heart pumping 30 minute workout (from BeachBody- same guys who make P90X) – $19
  • Amino Vital Endurance – take your workouts outside and fuel with amino acids, BCAAs, glutamine and arginine for sustained energy ($2.00)
  • FRS Healthy Energy Powder – Low in calories and big on energy, these are perfect boost for a long run, a business trip, or everyday life ($20.99)

*Contents may vary slightly based on availability of products, but each box is guaranteed to have over $100 of value

Here is what I have to say about the box…

I tried the FRS Energy Powder and blogged about it here. It definitely gave me energy and made me feel hydrated. Which is the key!

I also used the Amino Vital Endurance after my last Half Marathon. It had a weird orange taste to it, but overall it served its purpose.

The GoNola was a blueberry flavor and was tossed in to some Greek yogurt.  Highly recommended!

I was not too fond of the Nick’s Sticks (beef jerky stick), Allergease, Immuno Gum, or the EcoTrek bar.

Yeah… not my favorite.

I was however, very excited about the Pssst! Dry Shampoo, CocoaVia (I have been dying to try it), Giovanni shampoo and conditioner and the Cremo cream shave gel.  They were all awesome!!!

My favorite was…

photo_zpsc25e040eYes, I know, I am five years old and I like dried pineapple. But it has a lime flavor to it and it is so good!

Gettin’ down to brass tax:

If you are interested in giving KLUTCHClub a shot, check out their website… here.

They have different options based upon your preference…


1 yr = $8 per box + $8 shipping3 mo = $9 per box + $8 shipping
1 mo = $10 per box + $8 shipping


1 yr = $8 per box + $8 shipping
3 mo = $9 per box + $8 shipping
1 mo = $10 per box + $8 shipping


1 yr = $8 per box + $8 shipping
3 mo = $9 per box + $8 shipping
1 mo = $10 per box + $8 shipping

and the “Best of” Box, which is what I received is 1 mo = $17 per box + $8 shipping

Overall, for the amount of samples that you receive, the price is totally worth it!



5 thoughts on “Product Review: KLUTCHclub “Best Of” Box

  1. Dawn H. says:

    Whaaat this box looks totally worth it! I’d be stoked about the Turbofire – I’m a fan of P90X and Insanity, so that looks like fun.


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