Contemplating Crossfit.

As you can tell by the title, I am contemplating giving crossfit a shot.


What is crossfit? According to wikipedia,

Crossfit advocates a mix of aerobic exercise, body weight exercise, gymnastics and Olympic weight lifting.CrossFit describes its strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. Workouts are typically short—30 minutes or less—and intense, demanding all-out physical exertion. They combine movements such as sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, climbing rope, flipping tires, weightlifting, carrying heavy objects, and many bodyweight exercises; equipment used includes barbells, dumbbells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, and boxes for box jumps. 

These elements are mixed in numerous combinations to form prescribed “Workouts of the Day” or “WODs”. Hour-long classes at affiliated gyms, or “boxes,” typically include a warm-up, a skill development segment, the high-intensity WOD, and a period of individual or group stretching.

The aim of Crossfit is to physically prepare people for whatever life might throw at them. It is not about following a particular routine, but about constantly varying workouts.

To put it plainly, they do stuff like this:

crossfit-girl-beerand this…

crossfitand this…

imagesAs you can see, a lot of crossfit chicks are ripped.

They go from looking like

This….               to this.

imagesSo, needless to say, I am seriously considering adding 2 days of crossfit to my workout schedule. This would mean doing doubles a few days a week.

tumblr_mh5oc1Dtpx1qdjo2ho1_500But, I think the results speak for themselves, right?

Have you done crossfit?

Has it helped your running?

Let me know!

Give me some feedback!

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45 thoughts on “Contemplating Crossfit.

  1. Mariajose says:

    Hey! I’m really behind on catching up on my reader but I loved Crossfit. I did it for a while, it was a bit hard for me financially but I lost 30 lbs in 2 months along with healthy eating and loved how challenging it was. Now, I don’t do crossfit but I have a trainer at the gym and he tailors my sessions to look like CrossFit workouts and I love it!


  2. everydayasian says:

    Crossfit was the first thing I tried when I decided not to be a couch potato anymore. It was an empowering experience for me and the body changes were phenomenal. I still recommend it to people. I stopped doing it though because 1) it didn’t leave me a lot of room to do other things (bc i was always sore, and it’s kinda cultish) and 2) it’s really expensive.


  3. Leah says:

    I’ve thought about doing it! I watched the Crossfit Games on TV one day.. And those ladies were INTENSE. I’d love to look like them.. But alas I am a petite, puny, weak girl! The CF guys near me wanted me to come try it (I work at a sports store), but I haven’t tried yet.

    Also. I’m about to begin my long journey of marathon training.. And a lot of experts advise against starting things as intense as Crossfit while running as much as I will be.. So.. It may have to wait! I’m excited to hear about your experience, though!


  4. Dawn H. says:

    i find it always helps to challenge my body and muscles with a new type of workout (and i see the difference in muscle definition). i say go for it!


  5. Caitlyn says:

    CrossFit is fascinating to me. Those who do it seem to LOVE it and are so, so passionate about it. It’s amazing. It really seems to be a total hit or complete miss. I want to go to my box and try a few “WODs” once I’m more fit and see how it goes.


  6. Jessica Main says:

    I’ve been contemplating CrossFit too. I’ve thought about doing weight program DVDs like “ChaLEAN Extreme” or P90X, but I don’t think they will provide the same motivation that going to a class will. My reservations are similar to those above. I have a membership to Planet Fitness (for when it’s too rainy/freezing to run outside) and I pay $99 for the year. Paying 150% of that per MONTH for CrossFit makes me cringe. I’m still on the fence though, the resutls do seem worth it!


  7. Molto Vivace says:

    I’m totally interested in trying it but not as my only way of working out – I wouldn’t be able to do without running and I need to fit in my triathlon training. I also can’t pay that kind of $$$ or I’d have a personal trainer. I am thinking about getting the Insanity DVDs, which are also really great for strength workouts.


  8. tribalancegirl says:

    I’ve done a couple of workouts and they are intense and you can get a serious workout. But to be honest… it adds A LOT of muscle to your frame. I think it’s great for your cardio and feeling exhausted/accomplished, but you’re giving up some things when you run. For me, I was heavier (muscle weighs more than fat? right?!) It was harder moving larger muscles and feeling good at the end of a long run. It’s up to you… try it out, get your sweat on and see how it helps.


  9. misszippy1 says:

    I did a 30-day Living Social deal for CrossFit. I really loved it. But at the same time I was training for a marathon, so getting the timing right for hard CF workouts and hard runs was a bit tricky. That said, I think it could be a great addition for any runner 2x/week b/c we can all stand to be stronger. good luck with it!


  10. msssjenna says:

    I’ve thought about it, and there is actually a ‘box’ literally right across from my neighborhood. I am scared of how crazy they look – I’ve watched videos on youtube and half of them have really bad form, because its all about the reps. Plus, its freakin expensive!


  11. Tara says:

    I’m not doing crossfit but I did start a similar program 5 weeks ago and I’m loving it. My only advice is to not start it while training for something else. I was so sore at the beginning that it totally derailed my half Mary training. Oops


  12. OneMotherofaDay says:

    I have really been contemplating CrossFit too!! I am training for a marathon and would wonder if it would help with my training and just to feel stronger. There is one right down the street from me, but it costs like $200 a month and that’s a little too pricey for us right now. It is too bad because I would really love to give it a try. Let us know what you decide!


  13. Eat Pray Run, DC says:

    I’ve never tried crossfit, but I have a very good friend who loves it and I convinced her to write a guest post for my blog a couple of weeks ago. She’s pretty badass – check out her pic on the post (hint: she’s doing a handstand w/one hand!) I think you should definitely check it out! Then blog about it, of course 🙂


  14. Cecilia @MommiesRun says:

    I’ve contemplated it as well. But it’s so pricey around here and I’m terrified of injury. My local Moms Run This Town group is having a get together on Friday night at a local “box” so I can’t wait to check it out!


  15. cre8love says:

    Love that you’re a runner! I love running myself! I did my first half marathon last year and I’m doing a whole one for my birthday next year! (26 mi = 26 years old) ANYWAY, I’m a personal trainer/yoga teacher so I thought I’d chime in! 🙂 I’ve done CrossFit, and from my own personal experience, CF is great for athletes who have very good body awareness. Not to say that you don’t! But they are doing olympic style lifts, which is crazy for a regular ol’ joe to do (not that you’re an ol’ Joe,but you know what I mean)! Injuries are SO common in CF and I’d hate to hear about you hurting/pulling something that puts you on the bench. CF WILL make you stronger though, so that’s something to think about 🙂 If it’s just your running game your wanting to improve, then I’d suggest adding yoga to your routine! Yoga does WONDERS for your alignment…and you know that with running,proper stride makes the difference!

    Hope this helps! Happy Running! 🙂


  16. Dena Maddie says:

    The core strength you get from a strength and conditioning program such as crossfit is unparalleled. My body has changed and I am physically stronger. I love the fact that crossfit and other S&C programs build different components of fitness – strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, coordination.. all things that make me feel and perform better. As they say at my gym.. stronger, faster, harder to kill 🙂


  17. dangernate says:

    As a lifelong swimmer, runner and rock climber — I have found nothing as effective as CrossFit in boosting performance across all my athletic pursuits. I’ve been an avid proponent since I was introduced ~7yrs ago. That being said, sincerely hope you give it a shot. It can’t hurt your running to increase your power, speed and anaerobic threshold. Great blog, please keep writing! -Nate


  18. Nikki says:

    I’ve just started crossfit and really like it so far. I’m hopelessly weak and don’t quite look like those hot girls in those pics…yet. It’s only been about 3 weeks and while it’s tough, kinda pricey and I’ve already cried once, I love it. I’m excited to be doing strength training again. As for the running, well I don’t know how it’s affecting that yet but as soon as my ultra is done this weekend I’ll be able to start doing more classes and see how it goes (I’ve kinda been holding back so I don’t get sore or injured before my 55km this weekend!)


  19. seefranrun says:

    I love CrossFit (hopefully you get that from the title of my blog). I go 3-5 (sometimes 6) times a week. If I have a longer run I usually go to an earlier class or leave work a little early to fit it in. I have had less smaller injuries since starting CrossFit and my endurance has improved drastically. I feel like a more well rounded runner and just overall healthier opposed to when I was only running and cross training occasionally.


  20. Pandora Viltis says:

    I do a slightly adapted Crossfit (as in, it’s done at the Y and not at a Crossfit center) with a trainer once a week and then some “homework” assignments on my own once it twice a week. My trainer focuses on things that will help my running, both in overall body balance and strengthening my legs, hips and ankles. I think it also helps with endurance as the high/low intervals train you to work through fatigue.

    Just my two cents. I’ve been at it since late January, so I’m not ripped. But I have lost about 15 lbs.


  21. Dawn Rushing says:

    I crossfit!! I love it!! It’s worth every penny… seriously. You get an amazing community and basically a personal trainer! I wouldn’t dare go back to a regular gym for $19.99 a month.


  22. Annie says:

    YES, I’ve done CrossFit! Well, and I’m addicted…be careful, you just might get addicted, too! In my experience doing competitive swimming, Martial Arts, Softball, and general working out, there’s NO other workout that allows me to push myself as hard as CF does. I leave the box feeling exhausted, euphoric, sweaty, and anxious to show up again tomorrow for another round. There’s a lot of haters out there when you bring up CF, but just like anything else, if it’s not your thing then don’t worry about it! Can’t wait to hear what you think!!!!
    Oh, and P.S. I don’t run…well, not really. I row whenever possible, so I have no idea how it will affect your running. It’ll be interesting to find out!


  23. Rubia says:

    I’m dying to try Crossfit. My sister’s bf swears by it (and he’s really easy on the eyes), but I can’t bear the thought of spending $150+ a month for it. Where’s the groupon when you need it?


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