Gym-ing it up and a Crossfit Update!

I, along with many Americans, have a gym membership that I rarely use.

Last year, I used to go to the gym every morning before work…

this year… not so much.

I would rather run outside, take a shower, and get ready for work in the comfort of my own home with these two dorks…

catsMeet Max and Diesel, my cats.

Yes, I am aware that Diesel is the size of a small dog. He is sensitive about his weight, so be nice to him.

They assist me with my morning routine and keep me from getting bored by yelling talking to me all the time.

Although I rarely go to the gym,

sometimes, my body wakes me up at 4:30 in the morning and I can’t fall back asleep.

So I usually go to the gym on these occasions.

Yesterday was one of those days.

treadmill newtonsI headed to the gym about 5:15…

yeah, it was WAY too early.

Of course I hopped on the treadmill, because I had some speed work to do.

I am still preparing for See Jane Run in Alameda in June.

Definitely looking forward to the chocolate and champagne!

I haven’t had either for over a month!

treadmill activeI brought my Active Accessories pouch (of course!)

After a super fun and sweaty 6 mile threshold run,

treadmill runBOOM!

I cooled down with some core work and foam rolling… my favorite.

bathroomand then decided to take a picture of myself in the bathroom.


After reading all of your positive, motivating comments about crossfit (Thank you for that. You guys are seriously awesome) on Tuesday’s blog post (Contemplating Crossfit), I have decided to give it a shot.

I am going tomorrow evening to Crossfit Grover Beach to check out their box.

I am really looking forward to it!

I think it is going to be an amazing addition to my workout schedule.

And I want to get ripped!

Crossfit2Yeah! Like that!

I will let you know how it goes on Saturday’s blog post, if I am actually able to lift my arms that high…

*fingers crossed*

It’s almost Friday everyone… keep your head up.



14 thoughts on “Gym-ing it up and a Crossfit Update!

  1. Dawn H. says:

    good luck at crossfit! your cats are so cute 🙂 i too have one chunky cat, but she doesn’t seem to care about her weight. and she is unappreciative of my efforts to put her on a diet, lol.


  2. RunningValentine says:

    Hey girl! Sorry I never wrote you back about local running bloggers! I feel like you’re a much better blogger than I am – definitely more frequent which is so good. I’ve been reading along. You will have to let me know what you think of Cross Fit Grover Beach, I live in AG and so it’s super close. I quilt the gym almost a year ago and I’m glad I did. When I need to run in the mornings and it’s cold and/or dark I totally cheat the system and use 7 day free passes – please don’t judge. Hehehe!! We will have to go for a run sometime together and catch up!


    • ratherberunnin says:

      Hi Nicole- No worries! Thank you for following me and for writing back. I am definitely looking forward to trying Crossfit out and I will let you know how it goes. No judgement here on the gym passes… I would do the same if I wasn’t already locked in to Kennedy until September (yeesh). Anyway, I would love to run together too… sounds like fun!


  3. Michelle @ 3cheaprunners says:

    I just went and purchased a gym membership 2 nights ago…my goal starting on Monday is to make it to at least 2 6am Body Pump classes, and 1 spin class a week (while still trying to get my runs in over my lunch break)…here’s to hoping – when I’m not sleeping I can drag myself out of bed and to the gym


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