Back Pain.

Today, I look like this.


I hurt my back this weekend.

Oh man.

It sucks.

Being the smooth operator that I am, I did it getting into my mom’s car on Saturday morning.

Who does that?

This clown, that’s who!

Needless to say, I haven’t worked out since Crossfit on Friday and haven’t run since last Thursday.

Did I mention that I have a race this weekend?

Yeah,  the See Jane Run half marathon is on Saturday…

I am not sure what I am going to do… race, or not race?

What do you think?

Have you had back problems?

Did you do anything fun this weekend?




33 thoughts on “Back Pain.

  1. Mariajose says:

    Oh man! I’m a little behind on my reader almost caught up! But I would’ve suggested that you run the race. Remember Did Not Finish is better than Did Not Start. Obviously, the only thing would’ve been to listen to your body and if it doesn’t get better with some foam rolling and stretching then I guess it would be safe to stay home or cheer from the sidelines.
    I suffer from back pain nearly everyday due to congenital defects and ridiculous medical terms you can only find in an xray diagnosis. I pretty much do exactly as I suggested above.


  2. Choy says:

    Any correlation between Crossfit and your back pain? Recover well. A brisk walk to will stretch and warm up the back muscles. Then do some light stretches. Other than that, I would take it really easy.


  3. 278toBoston says:

    I ran but I don’t have back problems. My Lovely Wife does and it Isn’t possible for her to run. I’ll be praying you feel better soon. I know it is difficult to not be able to RUN.


  4. Dawn H. says:

    Oh man, that sucks! Be careful – my husband did the same thing and he took it easy for several days, alternating ice and heat on his back. Icy Hot and Aleve also helped a little. I say take it easy unless you feel 100% better before race day.


  5. Nikki says:

    My middle name is back pain. Whenever I have a back episode before I race I stretch, stretch, stretch as much as I possibly can. Rest, heat at night and use Advil to ease the creaks in the morning. Rolling on a roller or ball can also help break up that spasm (if that’s what it is…) Good luck! Back pain is the worst!


  6. jenereesa says:

    Oh no! I hope the back is feeling better soon. I’d probably try to get to the chiropractor in hopes of feeling better enough to run the race. Sending healing thoughts!


  7. says:

    Backs and knees are so tricky… I’m with Debbie, lay low this week and take good care of it. See how you are feeling as the week winds down. You don’t need to make the decision today. I’m so sorry that you are in pain!


  8. bonnevivantelife says:

    Oh be careful–my pinched nerve and resulting back pain has prevented me from running since…gulp…February. I made it worse by running too soon before it was all healed. Please be careful and wishing you a speedy recovery!


  9. Debbie @ Deb Runs... says:

    Oh man, that stinks! I feel your pain… literally! I’m back to running, but have to be very careful. I suggest you lay low this week and take extra care of it. Stretch, do gentle core exercises, apply heat for a day or two, then switch to ice, etc. and see how it does. I’d make it a game-time decision and run if it’s feeling better on Friday. The determining factor is what type of back injury you have… Good luck!


  10. Amy says:

    Ugh, back pain is the worst! I’ve had a recurring herniated lumbar disc that’s definitely a setback. Taking it day by day seems to be the best way to go – just don’t run until you’re not feeling pain anymore! And if it persists, see a doctor – you don’t wanna mess around with back pain!


    • ratherberunnin says:

      You are so lucky! I have had back problems since I was a little kid… it runs in the family, which is weird. But, yes, running is not really an option right now. It sucks. 😦 Thank you for the love!


  11. Sarah Jane says:

    That stinks. I’ve spent at least four hours on a heating pad yesterday and today. If it’s still bothering you on Saturday, I would not race. You don’t want to hurt it even more and regret running later. 😦


  12. Ren says:

    Oh man, sucks! Hope you feel better soon. I would say rest now, apply heat to ease the soreness, and do light activity like yoga (avoid intense activity and stuff with lots of impact…like running) to keep your muscles from tightening up even more. Do that for a a couple of days and see how you feel. You don’t want to make it worse! Just take it day by day. Good luck!


  13. Emily says:

    Esh – I hope you feel better!

    I’ve been visiting family for the past week and a half. I’m just about to go back home 😦


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