I’m a gigantic chicken.

I am a HUGE chicken.

I mean huge.


Gargantuan even.

Ever since I threw my back out a few weeks ago…

I am scared that it is going to happen again.

Public enemy #1: Crossfit.

Can you believe it?

3 weeks ago, I drank the crossfit kool-aid and was borderline obsessed!

Then, a week later I threw my back out and was forced to drop out of See Jane Run.

(Sad face)

Today, I am terrified to go back.

As it is obviously apparent, running is my gig.

I love running.

Not being able to run for a week and a half threw me into crazy mode.

Every thing was turned upside down!

I did go last Wednesday and was forced to do deadlifts.

Which freaked me out to no end.

Yes, these suckers.

The ones that involve using your lower back to lift a gigantic bar with weights on it.

The same ones.

Everything was fine on Wednesday,  but I am nervous that I am going to hurt myself again.

I’z a scared-y cat.


I just started marathon training last week and I can NOT afford to get hurt again.

What do I do?

I am scheduled to go on Wednesday, and I will… I will just be scared!

Because I am a gigantic chicken.

Anyone have any suggestions or advice?

I am here to listen.

You guys are the best-est by the way. Seriously the bestest.



17 thoughts on “I’m a gigantic chicken.

  1. Mariajose says:

    Remember that you can scale down if necessary, but form is always key! If you practice good form, you’ve got a ridiculous slim chance of getting injured. Also, start off light with the weights and find what works for you. As you get stronger and perfect your form, you can increase the weight.


  2. Heather says:

    Hey! #sameboat. Did you know that squats, lunges, and all those great lower body exercises can aggravate back pain? I didn’t…until my “trainer” pushed me “beyond and through the pain” and resulted in MORE time off running. (He’s since been fired.)

    So…take it slow. Maybe walk some, integrate some patches of running, get a new pair of shoes (my favorite part), walk the dog, do some yoga. I didn’t like it, but I did it, and now I’m healthy again. I’m still slower than I was (ah, well…) but I feel GREAT because I started slowly. And I didn’t need any kool-aid…not that there is anything wrong with kool-aid…but still. I did some stuff at home and had an encouraging group of peeps around me. Go get em, girl! We are all pulling for you!


    • ratherberunnin says:

      Thank you! I agree with you about taking it slow. I realllly need to be careful and take care of myself. I also need to start incorporating yoga and walking… not really doing that right now. Thanks for the support!


  3. nicolemkurz says:

    My two cents- be sure to talk with your coaches about your concerns and listen to their advice on scaling. I also hurt my back about a month ago, and am not yet back to doing deadlifts or any lifts where we pull from the ground. I’ll get there eventually, but in the meantime I’m still getting a great workout, improving my strength, and maintaining my fitness. Good luck!


  4. Amy Newnan says:

    I am in a similar boat to you. I hurt myself running so my fear is in trying to get back to running. Being hurt is no fun so it is not an unnatural fear to have I guess. Our fears are based on our instincts and once our brains understand something is bad (like getting hurt) it’s natural protective cycle is to file it away under “don’t do that again” which leads to our fears. Good luck with your back and your return to running.



  5. rundelrun says:

    Scale! Scale! Scale! I’ve been doing CrossFit for a year, and there’s no need to go RX with anything, I still use a big green rubber band for pull ups and I’ve seen people do their warm up with my work out weight. It’s all meant to be about functional movement anyway not breaking your back! Take care.


  6. Pandora Viltis says:

    My suggestion would to be find a Crossfit-like exercise regime that serves your running. So maybe layoff the kool aid and find something that is less about bulking up and more to enhance your strength and endurance for running. You can probably pay a personal trainer for the cost of Crossfit membership.

    If you watch the Crossfit games, most of those folk are not good runners. If running is your #1, you don’t want to mess it up with crosstraining that negatively impacts it.


  7. Jennifer says:

    Don’t be scared! Just take it easy and know your limitations. It’s so easy to get caught up and try to do what everyone else is doing. Start slowly and add as you need to. ESPECIALLY since your back is still healing. CrossFit is even more awesome if you’re doing what’s right for you. You go! Here…. have some more Kool-Aid. 🙂


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