Well I’m up, I might as well go work out!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

I was up at 4 am this morning, thanks to my awesome cat Max.

8425_1113484997787_8246701_nYep! This adorable sink dweller, is the culprit.


So, I rocked my Monday morning the only way I knew how to…

At the gym!

I did 4 miles of sprint work, followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical, a little core work and some stretching.

Yeah I did!

I was an hour early at work, which surprised the heck out of my co-workers.

Which is always fun!

And… then I died.

By 11:30 I was falling asleep at my desk.


So, I went home and took a nap for an hour.

When I came back, I was ready to ROCK!

Now, it’s finally time to go home.

WOO WHOO! Monday is over.

I’m going to go rock some more, and read two chapters in my Organizational Behavior book.

How was your Monday?

Do your animals wake you up?

Have you ever taken a nap on your lunch break?



18 thoughts on “Well I’m up, I might as well go work out!

  1. CourtLeanne @princessandthejog says:

    I’m not a huge cat person, but that picture of Max all curled up in the sink is adorable!! My dog actually does the opposite of waking me up. She encourages me to sleep in!!! She likes to get really cuddly in the morning so I have to kind of push her away if I want to get up and get in a workout!


    • ratherberunnin says:

      Don’t you love it when animals do that? My cats love to snuggle in the morning too, but it is never when I have to sleep in… only when I have to get up early. I swear they can sense it! And thank you for the compliment about Max, I will tell him that you said that. šŸ™‚ HA!


  2. Mariajose says:

    I did 4 miles on Monday too! But it wasn’t speed work.. though I’m sure planning some for this week.
    My dog usually wakes me up at night when it’s raining or he hears the thunder by standing on the edge of my bed and pulling at my covers. If he goes at it for more than 10 minutes and I push him aside he starts scratching my hand, then my arm up until he gets to my face. That’s how he wakes me up.
    If he hears the rain or thunder Tuesday-Saturday while I’m at work he wakes up my parents by scratching on their door. And then they don’t let me go to sleep when I get home till they’re done complaining. LOL!
    I used to work at an answering service where my boyfriend also worked. When I was too tired, I’d ask him for the keys and knock out in his car. Once, someone had to come looking for me. LOL!


  3. Run Hard. Life Life. Be Happy. says:

    The family I’m staying with this summer has two cats that are very active at night and insistent on when they need eat. I’ve never had indoor animals before so trust me, I understand the feeling of cats waking you up. The first time is the roughest!


  4. kylabee says:

    Oh yes! We have two cats and they like to wake us around 4am if not a little sooner. This morning Lokey decided to wake me around 2:50am because she was feeling very sookie. We have had to put a collar on her because she has some sores on her head that she is scratching and making worse. I feel for her but once they are better I will take it off. Our other cat Lucky though loves to come and wake me around 4am for food. Fun times but we love them and the cuddles they give.

    I love mornings for working out! I feel light and ready to go. It also means that I can relax in the evening and not feel guilty about not doing something if I am tired.

    Oh and no to napping on my lunch break. šŸ™‚


  5. chelsearaegen says:

    Do you have a plan that you follow for your sprint work?
    Our 85 pound lab likes to wake me up every morning around 5am with a nose nudge asking to cuddle on the bed…too cute to deny!


    • ratherberunnin says:

      I currently subscribe to Runners World SmartCoach Pro and I am following their marathon training plan. But, as far as sprint work though I try to mix it up. I like to alternate quarter mile sprints or .10 mile sprints. This keeps it interesting on the treadmill.


  6. Debbie @ Deb Runs... says:

    Kudos to you for hitting the gym so early this morning! Since I work out of my house it’s a little easy for me to take a lunch time nap if necessary! I don’t have pets, but the way our bedroom faces, the sun glares in and wake me up at the crack of dawn (literally) every morning!


  7. runningoffkilter says:

    My cat stirs me some times, typically it’s my husband (who moans in his sleep…I have to explain this whenever we crash at someone’s house or camp with someone because…yeah, I just have to explain it) or my 6 year old snuggling me. Way to rock the gym!


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