New LockLaces giveaway!

I don’t think that LockLaces need much of an introduction.

Do you need Locklaces?

A few questions to ask yourself.

Question #1

Do you double knot your running shoes?

The answer is… probably.

Question #2

Even though you double knot your shoes, do they still come untied?

The answer is… probably.

Question #3

When your shoes come untied, do you step on them?

The answer is… probably.

Question #4

When your shoes come untied, do you think that is annoying?

The answer is… probably.

In summary, you need LockLaces.

I need LockLaces.

We all need LockLaces.

LockLaces are cool!

They are fashionable too!

Tying your shoes are SO 2012.

Click here to enter my LockLaces giveaway!!

and get with the program people!



27 thoughts on “New LockLaces giveaway!

  1. DixieD says:

    I’ve always be intrigued by these. How do you get them in your shoes? I am the worst at installing new things on my fitness items. I am about to compete in my first triathlon and think these may be a good investment but I’ve been a bit hesitant. \And stopping and tying my shoes mid run is always annoying!

    good luck at your new job!


  2. Emily says:

    Good luck with the giveaway – I have velcro on my vibrams (it’s kind of like regressing back to my 2-year old self) or I would enter


  3. kelsnsher says:

    First of all, good luck with the new job!!! I start my new (dream) job on Wed so I know how exciting it all is! Second of all, I do double knot my shoes but they usually don’t come undone, but I’ve broken a nail or 10 trying to untie the suckers post-run. If there’s a purple pair then I’m in!


    • ratherberunnin says:

      I saw that on your blog. Congratulations!!! We are both getting our dream jobs… pretty cool huh?? I hope you have fun in your new town and enjoy running on all of the new trails. Good luck on Wednesday!


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