The last 18 months…


So this is my first legit blog post in a loooooooooonnnngggggg time.

What the heck happened to you?

You might be asking…

That’s what happened.

Lemme give you a short timeline…

[telling entire story in one breath]

I got a new job,

ran a marathon,

got injured while training for said marathon,

ran a half marathon 30 days later,

injured myself even more,

took time off of running,

finished my Master’s Degree,

quit my job,

got a new job,

took more time off of running,

continued to be injured,

went to a Sports Doctor and was told I had tendinitis

got a cortisone shot,

became very depressed (I mean obviously… I wasn’t running)

I gained about 40 pounds,

tried to start running again,

ran very slowly and hated running,

ran very slowly and hated running,

ran very slowly and sorta liked running,

ran a little faster and liked running a little bit,

lost 15 pounds,

ran my first half marathon in 17 months,

ran my second half marathon within 2 weeks of the first,




There you have it my friends, the last 18 months in a nutshell.

What does all of this mean to you?

I have learned a lot,

and I have A LOT to talk about.

Lucky you.

I have got some new goals,

a new attitude,

and am fighting my way back one step at a time!


Join me on this journey…

Where have YOU been?

Any good races to tell me about?

Have you ever been injured for a long period of time?



8 thoughts on “The last 18 months…

  1. says:

    Injuries are awful, especially just before a marathon. I got shin splints some years ago and know that they were linked to me changing shoes. My new shoes had too wide a toe-box, my feet rolled around in them. I changed shoes, got insoles and was 80% healed in two weeks. I still get the odd ache but nothing awful.


    • ratherberunnin says:

      I know alllllllll about shin splints. I still get them from time to time and have to ice & compression socks. This is why cross training and slowly adding on the miles is so important. Thanks for sharing!! Welcome!


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