The Secret to Becoming a Better Hill Runner


I hate hills.

Like, MAJORLY hate them.

Since the beginning of my comeback,

(Yes, that’s what I am calling it, a COMEBACK!)

I have avoided hills like the plague.

I hate running hills.

But I realized that prior to my injury

I ran hills like a boss.

Now, on the other hand,

I. Hate. Hills.

My first half marathon of the year was on a SUPER hilly course.

Which I ironically PRed on in 2013, but that’s not the point.

I hated every hilly second of it.


The thought crossed my mind during the run,

“How in the heck can I learn how to be more boss-like again in the hill department?”

aaaaannnnnnnndddddd then I rolled my eyes at myself

because I already knew the answer….


[big sigh]

It’s such a simple answer, but it takes SO much effort to do it.

But mastering hills will absolutely make us better runners.

Since this realization, I have made a point to run every stupid hills I can find.

This weekend’s long run was no exception.


Can you see how much that hill sucks?


And that one?


and THAT ONE?!?!

But, by the end of 10 miles,

I was so proud of myself for handling those hills like a boss.


Today, I challenge you to show those hills who the boss is.

Find those stupid hills… AND RUN THEM!

[drops mic]



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