Injured? Don’t be an idiot

As many of you know,

I was injured while training for the Long Beach Marathon 2 years ago.

What I though was a groin strain,

and then was led to believe was a Sports Hernia,

ended up being Tendinitis in my Groin.


Long story short, I ran through the injury…

finished the marathon,

ran the Santa Barbara Half Marathon less than 30 days later,

and continued to run for another few months.

Go ahead, shake your head.

I know.

I’m an idiot.

After I was verbally slapped lectured by my parents

about the fact that I need to treat my body with more respect,

and that I am not getting any younger-

(they said it much nicer, I promise)

I FINALLY went to see a Sports Medicine Doctor

who gave me a Cortisone shot

and told me to take a month off.

I now know that I suffered for over a year

because I was an idiot.

From that point on,

I promised myself I would never be an idiot again.

Fast forward to today…

[taking a big breath]

I think I have a fracture in my shin.

Every runners WORST nightmare.

On the 5th mile of my long run on Sunday,

my shin started hurting in a way I have never experienced before.

Not like shin splints…

trust me,

I knoooooooow about shin splints.

THIS issue is a super annoying, dull-ache.

It doesn’t hurt,

but I feel some pressure

and maybe a pinching sensation.

Considering the fact that I just started running again a few months ago,

I am really pissed at my body.

So what does this mean?

I am not going to be an idiot.

I am not going to do what I did 2 years ago

and run through the pain.

I am going to rest.

My plan as of today is to take 3 days off-

ice, heat, rest, relax, pray-

and see how I feel on Saturday.

All I can do is take care of my body and hope that it heals.

But, I am really tired of being injured.

Just wanted to get that out there.

Do you struggle with running injuries?

Any suggestions on what to do stop being injured all the time?



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