How I’m Celebrating National Running Day

You guys are soooooo lucky!

2 posts in ONE DAY!

Why, might you be asking, am I doing 2 blog posts today?


If you didn’t know, today is National Running Day!


 and I have some important stuff to talk about!!!

Social media is abuzz with conversations about running.


This morning, I woke up at 2:30 AM,

Because I was a little stressed about my pending appointment with

my Sports Medicine Doctor.

My mind was racing with all of the possibilities of what could happen.

I was so scared that my X-Ray would show a Stress Fracture.

Fortunately, these aren’t my X-Rays.


Over the last week, I have continuously been sucked down

the rabbit hole that is WebMD and my dear friend Google.


It was a scary place to be.


Anyway, I arrived at my 9:15 am appointment at 9 am,

because… well… stress…

And was seen pretty quickly by the Dr.

Thank goodness.

 He pulled up my X-Rays and

mentioned right off the bat that he didn’t see a fracture.

Praise the LORD!

But, after I mentioned all of my symptoms,

he didn’t really have much of a diagnosis for me.

Nothing that I didn’t already know anyway, since I am now an expert on:

1. Shin Splints

2. Stress Fractures

3. Compartmental Syndrome

4. Tibial Stress Disorder

5. Stress Reactions

I deserve a medical degree.


All he really told me was that it sounded like Stress Reaction.

Which I already assumed.

Yeah dude.

So, I could have diagnosed myself.

$50 later…

So bogus.

But, on a positive note, I am glad that I took this seriously.

By taking time off and resting the injury.

Which is not what I usually do.

I run through it!

And usually ends up landing me in a MUCH worse position that I originally was in.

So NOT worth it.

I have a feeling that this pain is directly related to the

tumble that I took a few weeks ago on my left shin.

But fortunately, I think I am on the other side of this thing.

I have been icing it and elevating like a MOTHER

and can walk today without much pain or a limp.


Now that I know that it isn’t a fracture..

I am going to celebrate National Running Day the best way I know how…



It might only be a mile, it might be two… but I am going to be smiling the entire way!

I will keep you posted on how that venture goes this evening.

Hopefully it doesn’t suck too hard.

I mean, it HAS been a week.

But, I am not complaining.

I am just happy to not be in much pain!

Side note:

The Rock n’ Roll Race Series is celebrating National Running Day too!

They are having a presale on the 2016

Rock N’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in San Diego

Marathon – $59

1/2 Marathon – $50

1/2 Marathon Relay – $75

Yes.. I said $60 for a Marathon and $50 for a Half Marathon.

You had better believe I already registered for the Half.

I think you should sign up and join me next year in beautiful San Diego, Ca.

How are you celebrating National Running Day?

Have you run a Rock n’ Roll race?



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