I’m Preventing Future Running Injuries!

Well… HELLO!

Happy Tuesday!

Hope things are well with you on this lovely day.

My shin is feeling better- which means that I am mentally feeling better.


My emotions are tied directly to whether or not I can run in the near future.


As I mentioned yesterday, not running is making me a little loco.

This is not a joke people.

All I seem to be able to do lately is think about running.

So, I am focusing that energy into something positive…

and trying to fix the things I CAN control in my running life.

I have been doing lots of research!

I am focusing specifically on how to prevent injuries

(through Yoga and Strength training)

and how eating foods that have Anti-Inflammatory properties

can help your current injuries.

I made a few purchases over the last week or so to aid me in this quest!


Dr. Jordan Metzl is the Doc in all of the Runner’s World injury prevention videos


So… he obviously knows his stuff.


Annnnnndddddd Yoga!

I have always been told that Yoga is great for runners.

I came to the conclusion that one of the reasons why I am getting hurt all the time is because I don’t strength train.

I know, I know.

I am an idiot.

But we are changing that now!


I would like to incorporate both strength training and yoga into my running schedule

(once I am fully healed of course)

atleast 2 times a week.

I have a feeling that I have a number of imbalances in my left leg…

I have had:

Plantar Fasciitis,

knee problems,

hip bursitis

and now shin issues

all on my left leg.

You think I would have figured this out by now…

My goal is to come back from this injury both mentally and physically stronger.

Yes, yes I can!

I have also changed some of my eating habits.

A few years ago, I had a pretty severe battle with PF.

It majorly sucked.

At the same time, I gave the Whole30 plan a go for a month.

After the 30 day regimen was over,

my PF was miraculously gone.

So I thought, why not try to do it again?!?!

I did some research on which foods have Anti-Inflammatory properties

 I have eliminated all processed foods from my diet, as well as fake sugars.

I am eating lots more sweet potatoes, walnuts, salmon, kale, cherries and chia seeds.

All of which are supposed to really help with inflammation.

Let’s hope this works!!


Do you do yoga or strength train?

If so, has it helped you in preventing injuries?

Do you eat lots of foods with Anti-Inflammatory properties?




7 thoughts on “I’m Preventing Future Running Injuries!

  1. luciajam says:

    Yes yoga is great 🙂 lots of YouTube tutorials for runners & beginners – also how about going to a class so you get the basics down before you start self practice? I love yoga 🙂 Pinapple & Turmeric (google turmeric milk recipes) are my chosen anti-inflammatory weapons & they work for me ! Hope you get on well – I’m off running with a sprain & also going a bit bonkers!


    • ratherberunnin says:

      I am not alone!!!! 🙂 I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for the suggestions about pineapple and tumeric! I will try it! And yes, I neeeeeed to go to a yoga studio. You are totally right! Thanks for stopping by and for your help!!!!


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