Getting off the rollercoaster…

Hello there!

I went to the doctor again today…

Yes, I know, I am ridiculous.

My shin was hurting pretty badly and I wanted a second opinion.

A second opinion never hurts right?


No, no it doesn’t.

So, I got a 2nd opinion… and a 2nd x-ray.

My 2nd opinion looks like this…


Notice that DOES NOT say Stress Fracture

OR Stress Reaction.

It says “Periosteal Hematoma”.

I believe I have a bone bruise, folks.

Actually, I SAW the bone bruise.

I have a small bump on my shin bone.

A freaking bruise.

Since I fell (again) a month ago… this news is not surprising to me.


It’s not a stress fracture!

What a rollercoaster!

Definitely not a fun rollercoaster either.

[pushing up the handle bars]

[standing up]

Man, my legs are a little jello-y

Stupid rollercoasters.

One foot…

Now the other…

Aaaaaannnnnnndddddd we are off.

All jokes aside,  check out the best part…



That says what you think it says,


And return to running, I shall.

This very evening in fact…

Doctor’s orders.

I am back baby!

How was your day today?
Do you like rollercoasters?



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