Santa Barbara Half Marathon Race Review & Recap


Happy Monday!

Remember how I told you that I hate Mondays?

Well, today is a little different.

Today is actually my Friday!

I am going on vacation tomorrow and just came off of a great weekend in Santa Barbara,

So I am in a pretty good mood today.

I am however, very sunburned and sore.

If you follow my blog (If you don’t- you should),

You would know that I told you on Friday, that I was running the Santa Barbara 5K  over the weekend, even though I paid for the Half Marathon…

Because of my stupid injury.

Well… I felt pretty good last week during my runs with little to no shin pain.


So, I decided on Friday night to run the Half Marathon instead of the 5k.

Yes, I know.

I am nuts.

I am glad I did it, but in all honesty- the race SUCKED.

The Half Marathon started at 8 am (first mistake) so by the time I hit mile 10 it was pretty darn hot.

No thank you.

The race was super unorganized (second mistake).

It was BY FAR the smallest Half Marathon I have ever run- so I will admit that my expectations are much higher because of this fact.

I think I paid like $90 for this race… so I think I have a right to have high expectations (third mistake).

Don’t you?

I will say though, that the Race Day packet pickup was nice.

However, the course was really, really hilly- which I was not prepared for.


Because there was no elevation chart on the website (fourth mistake).

Some of the race volunteers were rooting for the racers, but the majority were just standing there like a bumps on a log (fifth mistake).


The aid stations were few and far between, but it didn’t affect me because I was smart and brought my Ultra Aspire hydration pack… or else I would have been toast (sixth mistake).

Thank goodness.

And last but certainly not least… we arrive at the icing on the cake.


The seventh mistake…

In lieu of giving out race medals

(which, let’s face it, is one of the reasons why we race- for BLING)

I received a Coffee Cup with the race logo on it.

A coffee cup?

I have like 300 coffee cups… I don’t need anymore.

I wanted a medal- not a stupid coffee cup.

Yes, I am still bitter- 2 days later.

In summary, I am glad I did the race.

I am proud of myself for sucking it up and as always, I love having an excuse to celebrate with Bloody Marys..


(Yes, my hat says “Train. Race. Beer”)

But the race sucked and I will never do it again.

Let’s chalk it up to a learning experience, Mmmmkay?


Finish time: 2:17.05


Have you participated in a crappy race like this?
When is your next vacation?
Do you like Race Bling?




14 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Half Marathon Race Review & Recap

  1. Paul says:

    Sorry you think it sucked. We just got the race restarted… MEDALAS next year are ordered. Aid stations were every 2 miles.. So ya missed em… This is THE SB race… .. So your experience was was not a Rock ‘Roll… But cost’s to run a race in SB are high…

    Hope everyone else runs in 2016…., and yes… Medals thistle on year… Plus more


    • RatherBeRunnin' says:

      Hi Paul, Thanks for commenting on my review of your race. I am glad to hear that you have read my review and will have medals next year. I would be happy to come back in 2016 and give your race another shot. Email me if you are interested.


  2. dgobs says:

    I’m sorry you had such a disappointing race! I would have been unhappy with those things too. I don’t think I’ve run a race that unorganized (yet, anyway!) but especially for $90 I wouldn’t have been a happy camper! At least Santa Barbara is a nice place to be?


  3. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    haha oh I’m sorry.!! that doesn’t sound like too fun. Yea I would have been bummed if there was no race bling. and hills.! ha I avoid any race with hills.
    How many people were in the race.? I like small races, and for the most part is all that I do.. but I know not all of them are great


  4. joeinhouston says:

    Yes I’ve run in many crappy races; the worst of which was a (supposed) 5k here in Houston a couple of years ago which ended up being more than 6k. I was second overall and wasn’t even mentioned, no reward, no recognition – nothing. Only the first overall male and female got an award of any kind. Race to support or oppose human trafficking or something. Almost made me take up human trafficking as a hobby. Just kidding. 🙂


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