Vacations were made for Running!


As I mentioned yesterday, today is the start of my vacation!!

I am currently on my way to Palm Springs.

I woke up SUPER early this morning and got 3 miles in before hopping in the car for a lovely 5 hour drive in the heat.

Luckily, I am only spending a day or so in Hell Palm Springs and am heading up to the mountains for some must needed rest, relaxation and running!


Not to mention the fact that the weather is going to be kinda weird.

Rain? What is that…

I have lots of running planned, as well as lots of cute outfits to run in.

Check out my schedule!

That’s a good 23 miles worth of running right there..


And for someone who was injured a few weeks ago

I will take it!

Don’t forget about the “All 4 Run” Virtual 4 Miler this week!


Did you register?


Atleast the medal here is SUPER awesome, unlike my last Half Marathon.


Don’t get me started on that again…

We are on vacation and in a good mood.




And the race swag is way better.


This is why is super awesome.

Have you checked their stuff out lately?

I just went on their site yesterday, and forced myself to NOT buy the entire store.

I have lots of races planned in the coming months and need to save some dinero.

Major dinero.

As you can see above (scroll up to the top), I use Training Peaks to schedule my training runs.

I have been running long enough that I don’t really need a plan from Runners World, or Hal Higdon…

I know what my body can handle and am getting pretty good at this Half Marathon stuff.


But, I am tempted to buy this from GoneforaRun

They personalize it!

Aaaaaand since I pay like $20 a month to use TrainingPeaks, I thought this might be a money saver… and it is cute.

Do you use a program like TrainingPeaks?

I am looking for one that is cheaper than TP, but still has the same functions (ie. I can plan my own schedule).

Any ideas?

Do you like to run on vacation?
Do you have any tips for running in the heat?



9 thoughts on “Vacations were made for Running!

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    oooh I love that little calendar thingy.! but I would totally not pay for that.!! I am a cheapo. lol
    and love the racing gear.!! totally agree, way better than your half marathon. lol
    Have a great vacation.!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Dude Run Run says:

    You are a better person then I because my first day of any vacation and a car ride requires me to sleep in or be hung over lol.


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