San Francisco Half Marathon (1st Half) Race Review & Recap

Heeeeelllllloooooooo! Happy Monday!

Yesterday I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon (1st Half).

Ohhhhh boy.

It was a doozey.

I am soooooo sore.



This is the back of the shirt, which I think is pretty cool.

You can choose from the 1st Half of the Marathon course (the section in white)

OR the 2nd Half of the Marathon course (the section in blue)

OR you can be insane and run the Full Marathon.

OR you can be ABSOLUTELY insane and run the Marathon course twice, which is the Ultra Course.

Yeaaahhhhhh thanks, but no thanks.

I ran the 2nd Half of the SF Marathon back in 2012…

So being the genius that I am, decided to sign up for the 1st Half of the course this year.

Which (I didn’t realize until after the race) is WAYYYYYYYYYYY more difficult than the 2nd Half.



The course takes you over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Yes. I ran over a freaking bridge.

It was totally awesome.

As you can see from the elevation chart…


Β This course description would have been really helpful to have found 48 hours ago…


However, I am very proud of how I ran this race.

Although it was the 2nd slowest time I have posted in my life, I really tried to stay present during the race and enjoy myself.

Usually, I am SO caught up in my pace and time that I lose sight of the race itself.

I wanted to take in my surroundings and appreciate it for what it was- a really beautiful, super awesome race.

My legs were VERY tired after getting over the bridge,

But, I kept my pace (for the most part) and didn’t blow up.

Thank goodness!


I sure was glad to see the finish line though…


And get my MEDAL!


Aaaaaaannnnnnnd drink my Celebration Bloody Mary.

I mean, it IS a tradition, right?

And who am I to break tradition!?!?

Finish time: 2:19.38



12 thoughts on “San Francisco Half Marathon (1st Half) Race Review & Recap

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    Great job.!! yea those hills look intense.
    I never sign up for a race until I know that it’s NOT hilly. haha. I’m weak sauce


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