Becoming A Morning Runner Again…


Hello!! Happy Day to you.

I am yawning because I am TIRED.

Why am I so tired?

Because I started running in the morning again.


If I was the ruler of the world…

(which I should be… in case you were wondering),

work hours would be from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Obviously, I hate mornings.

You know what else I hate?

running in the Heat.

Because it has been 10 billion degrees outside lately (and I am just plain lazy), I have been pretty inconsistent with my evening runs

Like running 3 days a week, inconsistent.

I know.

I know.

[looks down at the ground]

And with the Ventura Half Marathon in less than a month…

(23 days to be exact)

I know.

I know.

[stands in the corner, facing the wall]

It’s officially time to stop screwing around and get serious.

So, I have gotten up at 5:45 AM every morning this week to run.. because that is when it’s not 10 billion degrees outside.

Did I mention I hate mornings?

So, 5:45 AM is not easy for me.

But I am doing it because I know it is the only way I can make it happen right now.

The things we do forΒ the love of running… am I right?

Do you like to run early in the morning?
Are you a morning person?
Do you have any tips or tricks for waking up for early morning runs?


32 thoughts on “Becoming A Morning Runner Again…

  1. Tammi Lewis says:

    Do the weekends count? It’s easier for me on the weekends but during the week….well…it’s just not going to happen for me in the morning before work. My hats off to those of you who do! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ


  2. Jennie says:

    For some reason I enjoy running in the evenings in the dark I just run at the park next to my house, its a very safe neighborhood and i wear my light up laces and a few lights on myself just to feel like i can be seen or see my way.


  3. andrzej says:

    I started 3 weeks ago. That was my commitment for 30 days, to wake up early and run. Hardest was first week, last I survived even tough I also moved my flat. My observation so far is that it is more mind then body commitment. I just did not allow doubt in the evening regarding morning wake up. Was saying to myself that no matter what , next day I am up πŸ™‚


  4. Rebecca Royy says:

    Morning runner here due to the heat. Here is my trick. I sleep in my running clothes. I thought I was very clever to think this up….but I’ve since seen it on many tip lists


  5. Wenaissance says:

    I used to run that early until I had kids and wasn’t getting any sleep. I’ve been wanting to get back to morning runs though because that’s the only time I’m consistent. I feel your pain with this heatwave too! As long as I’m in by no later than 9:30 I can do the morning thing. Maybe you’ll motivate me to give it a try again!! Keep us posted on how you’re doing.


  6. bobritzema says:

    I mostly run in the morning; the main exception is on cold winter days where I want those few extra degrees of heat available in the afternoon. For me, the biggest benefits are that there is less traffic before about 7:30 a.m. than any other time of the day. Also, it’s nice to see the world waking up around me as I run.


  7. Jane Likes to Run says:

    I’m morning runner, and it still sucks most of the time. I think the only trick is just to force yourself out of bed before you have the chance to decide you can sleep some more!

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  8. bubblyrunner says:

    Ha, I love all the pics. I am, by nature, a morning person and have always been a morning runner. Give it a week or so and it should feel easier….hopefully. Also, fantasize about what delicious breakfast you’re going to have while you’re running. I do that on my long runs and other runners probably look at me and wonder why I’m drooling on the path.


  9. Pippa @ Mind, Body, Work, Travel says:

    I do this! Running is helping me become slightly more of a morning person, because I simply don’t have a choice if I want to fit my miles in! And then there’s that smug sense of achievement when you walk (hobble) into the office knowing you’ve already got a few miles under your belt.


  10. hopeandserendipity says:

    I do love running the morning, because it gets even hotter later during the day! And also, because I know if don’t run first thing in the morning, not a chance I’m going to do that later. πŸ˜› And I tell myself…”you need to run because you need to earn some calorie allowance for the crap you are going to eat later!” and I find that after I run, I usually eat healthier. It’s like I will scream in my head “I didn’t run that 6 miles to waste it all on a cupcake!” Though of course, sometimes my willpower fails me and I grab that cupcake, and that pack of chips, and that ice cream…


  11. girlgonelondon says:

    I grew up in Florida so many times had no choice other than to run in the mornings so I didn’t pass out from heat stroke! Every single morning I hated every minute of getting out the door, and then when I was done I was glad I did it…but I will never be a morning person either!


  12. skinnyrunning says:

    I started out as a morning runner, but the summer heat and humidity forced me to run at night. I do miss it, and plan to go back to it once fall/winter arrives. I hope I can get back into it. It is definitely hard at first. Keep it up! I’m sure you can do it! Coffee is key!


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