Slow is the new fast.

Hello and Happy Day to you!

I had another 13 mile run on the calendar this weekend.

I am proud to say I did it!

But, as you can see from the blog title and waving turtle…

(I sense a theme here)

it was not fast.

In fact, it was the EXACT opposite of fast.

It was one of the slowest long runs in the history of running.

Not really, but it sure felt that way.

I know that long runs are supposed to be slow, but this was crazy.


I just couldn’t get my legs going.

Finally, I had to just stop looking at my watch and let it go.

Which was tough for me because I am usually SUPER focused on my pace, even on long runs.

But it was kind of nice to shut my brain off for a little bit.

So there’s that.

To be honest, I almost gave up like 2 million times.

The negative voice in my head was out in full force.

I didn’t listen to it.

I just kept chugging along!


I was reminded on that run, that running is a mental battle.

Your legs can do pretty much anything you tell it to.

But most of the time it is your mind you have to convince.


Some days your mind is strong and running feels great.

Other days… not so much.

This long run definitely fell in the “not so much” category.

But, did it give up?


I kept going!

So, the next time you have a “not so much” day, remember this story…

And do it anyway.

Have you ever had a “not so much” run?
How did you make it through?



14 thoughts on “Slow is the new fast.

  1. stephanieconsiglio says:

    Sometimes it’s just good to go for a run not worry about how fast or slow you’re going. It’s good to just be running. Its about getting in the miles and just enjoying that you’re active and out there. I’m glad you kept at it, that’s a feat itself. There are so many times I want to turn around early, just gotta keep chuggin’ good post!


  2. Pippa @ Mind, Body, Work, Travel says:

    I have so many not-fun runs at the moment. I just slow down the pace and keep going! That’s why I like running on the weekend, because I have less of a time constraint. Well done for keeping at it though. I am still to get over the 9-mile mark on my long runs, so hats off to you!


  3. Jayson says:

    Good job not giving up. I’ve had plenty of not-so-fun runs. Whether it was energy level, the temps, weather, etc. Most of the time that I have runs like those, I’m anxious about something; maybe about work or a project that I want to complete. There’s nothing more that destroys a run than me wanting it to be over as soon as I start it. So, I always avoid thinking about things that I would be looking forward to doing.

    That’s just the pregame.

    Things don’t always work out and we do have those terrible runs. I usually focus on mechanics, efficiency, play number games, etc. But thing that subconsciously works for me, is my innate fear of regression. For me, each run is a build block. It’s a structural unit of whatever goal I’m trying to build up to. Just as much as a good run can be something to build on for the next run, a bad run is something that can play out for the next run or set of runs. And I fear those types of things from happening. With that in mind, it’s much easier to complete the stinkin’ run than try to rebuild anything that was lost from stopping.


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