Extend Nutrition Protein Bar Review and Giveaway

Hello and Happy Day to you!

Todayyyyyyyy….I have a great new product and a fantastic giveaway for one lucky reader!


Extend Nutrition is a manufacturer of gluten free protein bars that help manage blood sugar for up to 6-9 hours.

Their protein powders and bars are perfect for people like us!

They have been shown to improve performance during physical activity and enhance muscle recovery post-exercise.

Pretty sweet, right?


Comparatively speaking, they are healthier than a lot of the other bars out there…

They are also lower in fat, carbs, sugar and calories and higher in fiber than most- which makes them great for a mid-afternoon or pre-run snack!

Their products are:

  • -Sugar Free (or very Low Sugar) and Low Glycemic
  • -Lowest Net Carbs, utilizing extended-action carbohydrates
  • -Gluten Free
  • -High Protein & High Fiber

And pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself!


I was sent the 4 flavors shown above.

My personal favorite was the Mixed Berry and Chocolate Caramel.

Extend Nutrition was kind enough to give me a $25 giftcard to raffle off to you… my totally awesome followers.

Isn’t that great!?!?

Click here to enter to win a $25 giftcard from Extend Nutrition!

(The raffle begins on Monday, August 31st at 12 am and ends on Sunday, September 6th at 12 am.)



6 thoughts on “Extend Nutrition Protein Bar Review and Giveaway

  1. Marileyn Ramirez says:

    I’d get the protein bars, shakes and the all natural crisps snacks! I like these are high protein and gluten free. I’d also get the Quick & Easy Diabetic Desserts Cookbook. So perfect for my sensitive tummy and to keep a healthy diet!


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