I’m hungry.

Like all the time.

About an hour or so after a long run, I want to eat like this…


I don’t obviously, but sometimes I want to.

Do you have this problem?

If you run, chances are you have experienced this phenomenon before.


Pronounced: RUN-ger

also known as running induced hunger

or as I like to call it, running induced garbage disposal stomach.

I. want. to. eat. all. the. things.


It seems as though the more miles I put in, the more “rungry” I am.

Does this happen to you?

Do you know how to quench the overwhelming desire to eat everything in sight?

If so, tell me!

(pointing down) leave your comments below.

I am going to go eat lunch now, before I start snacking on my hand.


See what I did there? Chow means both “good bye” and “food”…

(man, I am slick!)

Have a good day!



51 thoughts on “Runger.

  1. Pippa @ Mind, Body, Work, Travel says:

    I find I have no appetite straight after a run, but then half an hour later I’ll be literally woozy and light-headed, so i have to make a conscious effort to eat something small as soon as I get in the door. Also when I get runger (or..swimger? is that a thing?) I find that adding more fats into my diet really helps. I found this tip on Run, Eat, Repeat and it’s saved me! Although I’ll be craving really empty carbs like popcorn and rice cakes, I try to add fat like peanut butter or avocado and it makes SUCH a difference to my appetite. Plus, PB is gorgeous 😀

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  2. saulbee says:

    It’s a bit inconsistent for me. Sometimes I have overpowering runger and wallow in it, feeling the smug of knowing I have done something which has burned up enough to make me hungry and then snacking as carefully as possible. Sometimes I just don’t feel like eating at all. Never managed to work out why
    What is terrible is I read somewhere about the ideal running weight for distance runners and I have been hovering just above that for months, completely does my head in when the runder strikes.


  3. Rebecca Royy says:

    Nooooo…running makes my appetite suppressed for hours! If I ever need to loose weight, I run before dinner, then go to bed early without eating/before I get hungry!


  4. wanderwolf says:

    Ha ha. Ciao.
    Anyway, I have runger all the time on rest days and the day after my long run. The day of my long run, and usually the other days of training, I on’t have it (well, maybe after intervals too).
    I try to deal with it by making sure I consume something before, during, and immediately after my long run (or after my intervals). It ensures that my blood sugar stays decent, which means less runger.
    Oftentimes, however, I recognize my runger as an announcement that I need fuel, so I listen to it.


  5. diawalker says:

    LOVE IT!!! So happy to know that I’m not alone! My problem is that the last three months I’ve been pretty much working 8 am to 7pm, going to the gym to hit the treadmill, but then it’s late, so I go home hungry and ready to eat by 8 – 9 pm, not the time to be really hungry OR eat a meal. 🙂


  6. creativeaimdesign says:

    I’m with the “RunNursGER” comment above! My son is almost 3 months old and nursing makes me hungry, then I run on top of that which turns me into a carb-craving monster! Personally, I’ve found that oatmeal does the trick for me post-run, as long as it contains peanut butter. The PB is a must!

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  7. Stephanie Ericson says:

    Sometimes, my running time is improved because I am so hungry and I get nipped by a severe craving, that I just race to the end of my route. It is sad, but sometimes it is literally the carrot at the end of a stick.


  8. feetoffancy says:

    Gah! I definitely suffer my run-ger. Marathon training just makes it SO much worse. Keeping a granola bar in my bag helped stave off hunger at critical moments. I also ate more peanut butter than any normal human being should consume. I try to be a little smarter about my recovery eating now (instead of eat all the pretzels! and peanut butter! and bread!) and focus on getting a mix of protein + carbs. And I drink a ton of water.


  9. Michelle says:

    The worst is when you don’t get hungry right after the run, but four hours later you are eating everything in sight. I definitely know that all too well…


  10. ferrorun says:

    I use to be starving after runs and i suffer with what i like to call hunger rage -the worst kind of hunger, i get snappy and moody (i’m italian food is my fuel haha)… i tend to eat something small (and healthy) every 3hrs or so to keep “runger” and more importantly the hunger rage at bay! Haha


  11. bubblymel says:

    Yep I get rungry!!! I normally run in the morning, so a protein packed breakfast normally does the trick! Egg and baked beans are a current fav to subside the runger!!


  12. riggt says:

    My runger usually goes away when I get into the college’s dining hall. Looking at all that udercooked pizza, overcooked meat, and rotten lettuce just makes me less hungry.


      • riggt says:

        I used to have one. Mostly it was stocked with bread I stole from the dining hall. Unfortunately I got way too busy to clean it… That fridge is dead to me lol.

        But in all seriousness it now keeps drinks cold. I’m living off campus now right now, so I either will develop some better living habits or die in my own filth.


  13. hylaridenour says:

    I am ALWAYS runger…er, I call it rungry. ; ) I eat really clean in general but I tell you, I could eat all day long! Even the good stuff is dangerous. I’m really trying to make sure that I eat a few hundred calories within the first 15-30 minutes after a long run to keep me from going berserk later in the day. Not that it is 100% fail proof but I make the effort. I promise you ~ you are not alone!


  14. amandakathleen1985 says:

    I use “hangry” all the time but now I am totally going to use Runger as it applies to running. I have delayed runger…usually it hits me later in the day or the day after a big race.
    : ) Eat to run. Run to eat.


  15. fasterfastest says:

    All the time! I’ve found that if I make sure to eat a small amount of something with a lot of protein (handful of almonds, a hardboiled egg, etc.) very close to the end of my workout, it really helps. That and drink a ton of water.


  16. tribalancegirl says:

    Um… yes. It goes without saying that I get runger or any sports induced hunger. If I don’t satisfy my runger, than I get hangry (hungry and angry). These are two horrible side effects of an athlete. I can’t say that I have figured out how to satify my runger except by drinking lots of water or tea but you know the side effects of that. 🙂


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