I’m in a Running Rut!

It’s confession time, folks.


I have been MAJORLY slacking in the running department since my last Half Marathon in November.

If you recall, this isn’t the first time I have fallen into a running rut.

In September, I wrote about skipping a long run and how pissed I was at myself for being a flake.

I vowed to stopped being lame and dedicated myself to finishing my running season with some dignity.

And I did!

I rocked the crap out of the City to Sea Half Marathon, which ended up being my PR for the year.



And then came Rock n’ Roll LA and the 2 Cities Half Marathon.

I was not enthused to be running either race.

I came to the conclusion prior to Rock n’ Roll that I was burned out, but of course, I ran anyway.

I realize now that running 9 Half Marathons in the course of about 6 months can have that effect someone.


But, I am glad that I decided to go balls to the wall in 2015.

I learned so much.

But that’s a topic for another day.

After the 2 Cities Half, I gave myself a week off to mentally and physically recuperate.

One week turned into 2..

And I ended November with 44 miles and 10 runs total.

Yes, that’s a zero with a one in front of it.

And December has been even more horrendous… with 14 miles in 4 runs.

As a point of reference, in September, the month of my infamous rejuvenation, I ran a total of 96 miles on 19 different occasions.


With this realization, coupled with the fact that I just signed up for another race (Hot Chocolate 15K in San Francisco) in January…

I am declaring that it’s officially time to get my sh*t together.

Like seriously major.



 Yes, it’s time to do that.

Lots more of that.

Like I did in  my post from September, I am declaring that it’s officially time to start training again

It’s time to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn on a Sunday for 1 reason and 1 reason only,

It’s time for hydration packs and compression socks,

It’s time for BonkBreakers and FLUID recovery shakes,

It’s time for chaffing and Bodyglide,

It’s time for new playlists and lots of dirty laundry,

It’s time for ice baths and recovery beers,

It’s time for training plans and complete running logs,

It’s time to feel like myself again.


It’s time to run… Let’s do this!



22 thoughts on “I’m in a Running Rut!

  1. fionajarrett says:

    I hear ya 🙂 I seem to dip into a running rut maybe twice a year and I find it usually occurs at times when I have no goals or races coming up. But it’s like somebody mentioned above, getting yourself to a point where you want to get back into it, where you’re itching to go again is actually kind of necessary and for me, I just view it as part of the process. A bit like tapering – you don’t want to do it (HATE it) but it’ll help you perform better in the long run 🙂


  2. Pippa @ Pip in Motion says:

    That Doctor Evil pic made me laugh!! I’m sure your running slump will be over soon! I always struggle in December, but then when I actually go home to see my family for the holidays I end up running lots just to get out of the house! (Don’t get me wrong I love my family but it all gets a bit intense!)


  3. seabe says:

    In all sport, we all get there. This time of year it’s even easier to just get fed-up and want to take a break. Maybe it’s a good thing and the fact that you’re reconising it, makes me think you’re actually already wanting to be out there again, which is the first step. WANTING to be out there…

    Also, not sur of your environment, but why not mix it up a bit and hit some dirt. I tried it and now totally LOVE trail running. And there pace and distance… well, it’s not even anywhere near your mind! Aaaannnd… you may end up having to buy a new pair of shoes! Now how’s THAT for motivation?!

    It’s the smiles that count, not the miles! 😉 Get ready, enjoy…


  4. Jayson says:

    Totally, lame, Ashley! 🙂 Majorly.
    Hopefully, you didn’t lose too much – that’s the hardest part about ruts is getting back to where you left off, and that can take weeks. Like you, probably worse, I took most of November off after my RnR in October. This week is my first week of “real” running…so I’m with you there.
    Just get it done and stop complaining. I wanna see some runs!


  5. Olivia Crew says:

    I’ve totally been there! For me, the hardest part is that moment of weakness when the alarm goes off. When all I want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. If I give in to that moment of weakness, there’s no chance I will run that day. But if I can push through that moment and get myself out of bed, I will 100% crush my workout… and feel like a million bucks afterwards! I know how hard it is to get out of a running rut, but YOU GOT THIS! 🙂


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