The End of Running Season 2015

Where in the heck did 2015 go?


How it is already the middle of December?

As the new year approaches, I get super excited about planning for all of the awesome things that I want to do in 2016.

But, before I do that…

They say, “Look back to where you have been, for a clue to where you are going”

Not sure who “they” are, but this quote is legit, people.

Anyway, let’s talk about the 2015 running season.

As I mentioned back on one of my first blog posts this year, “The Last 18 Months“, I recovered from a pretty crazy injury that I sustained during marathon training in 2013.

Yep, I am THAT person.


The one who runs through injuries and then is forced to take an entire year off.

But, I digress…

(If you are interested in reading about that, check out the link above).

I started the 2015 season in January about 60 lbs overweight, and barely able to run 1/2 a mile.

I remember those first few days…

They TOTALLY sucked.


 My back was killing me, I couldn’t breathe, my calves were cramping, and my shins felt like they were on fire.

But, I knew that on the other side of the pain was something glorious.

Something magical.

I remember finishing my first half marathon, the SLO Half, and bawling like a little school girl at the finish.

It’s my race and I will cry if I want to, thank you very much.

I finished that race in 2:19.20.

It was the slowest race I had run in my entire life by about 15 minutes.

Accepting the fact that I was no longer a sub 2 half marathoner was extremely humbling.


I had to stop focusing on being the best…

Winning races…

And getting PRs.

I learned to appreciate running for what it was, something I loved.


I am still no where close to where I was back in 2013…

My half marathon time is still about 14 minutes off my PR.

I am still about 30 lbs heavier than I would like to be.


I have dropped 8 minutes off of my Half Marathon time.

I have lost 30 lbs.

I ran 9… count ’em… 9 Half Marathons in 2015.

Women’s Running Magazine published a few of my blog posts.

I became a BibRave Ambassador.

Those are HUGE accomplishments!

I am so proud of all of them!


Feeling down about where your running is now?

Do what I just did…

Look at how far you have come!

Focus on your accomplishments.

I bet you will look at things a little bit differently.

I am ready to kick 2016’s a$$.

Bring it!


21 thoughts on “The End of Running Season 2015

  1. Melissa @ See Dav Run says:

    Great points! I get lost thinking about how my progress is stagnated and don’t have the same gains I did when I first started. I’ve started measuring success in different ways – longer distance, new routes, fun types of races. I’m a happier runner because of it.

    Congrats on a killer year – that’s a lot of halfs! Hope 2016 is everything you want and more!


  2. prairieprincessrunners says:

    I have taken off about 6 months in 2015. Barely raced. I miss it horribly, but needed to heal my hip flexor. Slowly getting better. This post really put it all into perspective though. This wasn’t a great year, but it’s helped me focus on other things (re-discovered my love of swimming, tried a new sport – curling and it is oddly fun, and I started a new job) and I know it will make me a better runner during my hopeful comeback in 2016. 🙂

    I wish you all the best and fast feet in 2016!


    • RatherBeRunnin' says:

      Exactly. I am so glad that my post was able to help you. Running is a process. Be thankful for where you are now because it will help you become stronger in the future. 🙂 You have to take care of yourself first! I am so glad that you have found some new sports that you love, that is awesome!!!!


  3. Rebecca Royy says:

    Awesome/positive post! I went out for a run this morning while it was still dark and was engaged in a giant self pity party. Then a meteor flew by in the southern sky, and helped me out everything back in perspective. We ate small, the universe is large….and at least we’re out here trying!


  4. tamsynsmith says:

    I completely agree with you – I’ve had a couple of negative weeks, but then I’ve looked at the bigger picture and it’s made me feel better.

    Well done on having such a long list of awesome achievements in a single year 😀


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