A Look at my 2016 Running Calendar

On Tuesday, I did a review of my 2015 Running Season.

I thought it only fair to give some shout outs to the races I will be running in 2016.


YEAH! Let’s do this!!

My first race of the season is on January 10th. It’s the Hot Chocolate 15K in San Francisco, CA.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I was chosen to be a BibRave Ambassador… and because of that, I was given the opportunity to run this race.

This is the first 15K and Hot Chocolate race that I have done, and I actually convinced my sister to run the 5K. It’s a family affair! The Hot Chocolate races are said to have the best race SWAG and post run snacks on the planet. As you can see from the picture above… I am not joking.

Want to run the Hot Chocolate 15K with me? Use the code BIBRAVESF to register.

Thinking about running another Hot Chocolate race? Email me at ratherberunnin@hotmail.com for a discount code, courtesy of BibRave!


On January 16th, I will be running the Castle to Coast 8.2 Mile Run in San Simeon, CA.

This is the first 8 mile race I have ever run, so I am a bit nervous about the weird distance. On the bright side, this race is a beautiful ocean view race that starts at Heart Castle and runs along Highway 1. This should be a great run!

Next up is the Surf City Half Marathon on February 7th in Huntington Beach, CA.

This race is a looooooong time coming and has been on my bucket list for a few years. I registered for the full marathon back in 2014, but DNSed because of my stupid injury. I am looking forward to finally vindicating myself and running this one. The ocean view won’t be terrible to look at either.

And then we have the Modesto Half Marathon in Modesto, CA on March 20th.

This will be my first time pacing a race; I will be the 2:30 Half Marathon pacer and am so excited to have the opportunity to do so. As you know, I love helping runners and this is a great way to give back to the running community!

Next up, on May 1st, is The OC Marathon in Newport Beach, CA.

I haven’t decided whether or not I will be running the half or the full. But this is another race I signed up for back in 2014 and DNSed, so regardless of what distance I choose, I am excited to do it. Do you think I can squeak out another marathon? I’m nervous.

On man… I am so excited about this one. The Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon in Santa Barbara, CA on May 7th.

I was just chosen to be the 2:30 Half Marathon pacer for this race! If you read my 2015 Wine Country Half race review, you already know I am obsessed with this race and all Wine Country/Destination Races. I am a wine-o wine connoisseur, so this run is right up my alley.

Up next on June 5th is the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in San Diego, CA.

This is yet another race I DNSed in. I registered for the marathon back in 2011, and ended up not running it because I moved to SLO. I am sensing a theme here… Vindication much? Anyway, this is supposed to be an awesome rock n’ roll race, so needless to say, I am very excited!

And then we have the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon in Napa, CA on July 17th.

Yet another Wine Country/Destination Race on the calendar for 2016. This coveted race sold out in 15 minutes in November. You had better believe I was at my computer ready to register at 12 PM PST… on the DOT! I was very fortunate to get in and am really looking forward to running this once in a lifetime race… and drinking more wine.

This is take 2 for me and the Long Beach Half Marathon. Which is held in Long Beach, CA on October 9th.

This will be my 3rd time running in the LBC, and my second half marathon. I was the 2013 Long Beach Marathon Ambassador and ran the Marathon- which was brutal. I am very excited to run the half again. It’s a beautiful race!

And last but not least, the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon in Las Vegas, NV on November 13th.

Marathon? Should I, or shouldn’t I? Haven’t decided yet, but the hotel reservations have been made. This will be my first night race, and 3rd Rock n’ Roll run. RNR is famous for their crazy fun marathon series, so this one should be a blast… not to mention the fact that it’s in Vegas, so who can complain!

WHEW! I am exhausted just writing about all of the running I will be doing next year.


I am beyond excited to take on all that 2016 has in store for me.

It is going to be tough… and there may or may not be a Marathon or two in there (which makes me nervous).

Do you have any of the same races on your 2016 calendar?

If so, let me know! I would love to meet you.

Have you run any of the races on my calendar?

If so, I would love to hear your feedback on the race and any suggestions you may have.



39 thoughts on “A Look at my 2016 Running Calendar

  1. runningmama2016 says:

    Love the look of your racing calendar!!!!

    My husband and I are running 12 races of varying distances this year. We’ve already done our first and the next is in February! We are running the London Marathon in April, which we have run 3 times before but still scares me silly!

    You cant beat that feeling of finishing a marathon though………


  2. kylabee says:

    I have never ran any of the races you are going to run but would love to run one of the wine ones or a RNR. We have talked about signing up for a destination RNR one but we have to find one that works with my husband’s work schedule. The Vegas one is on our anniversary πŸ™‚


  3. sunnieko21 says:

    Thanks for visiting my siteπŸ˜‰

    Your race schedule looks fabulous and I’m so jealous you get to do all these amazing west coast races! I’m doing the rock n roll in DC in March…so it’s like we’re sort of…kind of…doing the same race…haha. I’m trying to do the escape from Alcatraz tri next year- I love Cali!! Happy running and good luck!


  4. Josh dV says:

    That’s quite a line up! I just sat down today and highlighted all the races happening this year in NM. Not as much as I want but I know I can’t hit them all and can sprinkle in a few others as well.

    Here’s to 2016 on foot!


  5. Pippa @ Pip in Motion says:

    Oh my days it looks like you have an amazing year planned! The Wine Country and Hot Chocolate races being my particular favourites for obvious reasons… I found one (only one!) food-themed race in the UK, and that’s the donut dash organized by a bakery chain. Needless to say I’ll be signing up πŸ˜€


  6. sloluckyruns says:

    I will see you at R n R San Diego and maybe the wine country in May. My niece is doing that one. These are some great races. Almost did the Hot Chocolate but doing the La Cuesta Ranch trail here in SLO that weekend.


  7. Ariana says:

    I will see you at the LB marathon!!!!!! Much like you, i signed up to run this in 2014 and had to drop out at mile 15 because i was injured (i may not have properly trained for this) this time i will do it right, finish, and be vindicated!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. fionajarrett says:

    A hot chocolate race? Wow, sounds genious! I tend to include some of the same races every year, my favourites, but also always include some new ones to give me a challenge, as well as a bit of adventure to look forward to. Your calendar looks great πŸ™‚


  9. Deena says:

    Wow, I’m exhausted just reading it all! I ran Hot Chocolate Chicago this year, and I I’m not gonna lie… I did it for the swag, and the chocolate. πŸ™‚ I’ll see ya in San Diego. I’m a bit envious that you get to run all these Cali races… wishing I lived close enough for a few of them, but some day I’ll check a few of those others off my list. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll rock every one of them.


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