The Best Podcasts About Running!


I hope you are doing well today.

I am pretty tired and sore from the Hot Chocolate 15K in San Francisco yesterday, but I had a great time!

I can’t wait to share my race review with you.

Stay tuned for that.

Today, I am unveiling part two of my “Best Of” series and am focusing specifically on the best running podcasts.

Ever since I listened to Serial on my way to San Diego last January, I have fallen in love with podcasts.

It is now my preferred way to travel!

Although I mainly listen to running podcasts now, I can thank Serial for exposing me to this fantastic world of information.

I have listened to ba-zillions (yes, that IS a number) of podcasts since then.

Here are my favorite running podcasts!

Marathon Training Academy

By far one of my favorite running podcasts. Trevor and Angie are real people… they have real struggles (injuries, kids, lack of motivation, etc., etc.) and have real answers. Angie is the dedicated coach with all the answers and Trevor is the one with the lame jokes. But somehow they make it work!

Run to the Top with Tina Muir

I heard about Run to the Top, coincidentally, on a Marathon Training Academy podcast. After listening to 4 or 5 episodes on my way to San Francisco this past weekend, I can rightfully say that it has taken the #2 spot on my list of favorites. Tina Muir is an elite athlete who hosts the podcast. I found myself constantly saying “Great question!” when listening to her podcasts, because she really does ask the right questions! She is very humble (even though she is an elite runner), super sweet, and is very pleasant to listen to (her accent helps a bit too!).

No Meat Athlete Radio

I admit this is one I don’t listen to as frequently, but tend to pull out topics of interest when I see them pop up. He’s a little more relaxed and unplanned than some of the others, which some people definitely prefer while they are running. Obviously he talks about plant-based athletes and how to be an endurance athlete in that lifestyle.

Runner Academy with Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson interviews some of the biggest names in running… from elite athletes, coaches, researchers, and everyday runners to bring you the latest training tips, science, stories, and more. This is a great podcast for newbie runners as well as alums.


The Marathon Show

If you’re not ready to commit several months of your life to training for the big distance, you can live vicariously through this podcast. Joe is known for interviewing guests during marathons to give a true on-the-ground look inside a race. He talks to everyone from race directors to medical professionals and suppliers about what it takes to put on, and get through 26.2 miles.

Did I miss any of your favorite running podcasts?

If so, comment below and share!



27 thoughts on “The Best Podcasts About Running!

  1. Alissa Thiele says:

    Another Mother Runner is pretty awesome. They have me laughing on runs all the time. Also I like Runners World’s Podcast also.


  2. adarling575 says:

    Marathon Talk! Especially if you like English accents 🙂 they always have really interesting interviews and some good training tips, and follow the world of athletics quite closely so have had some fantastic episodes over the summer / autumn about the doping scandal.


    • RatherBeRunnin' says:

      Oh wow. What an honor to have you visit my little blog. I really have enjoyed all of the podcasts that I have listened to so far! You really do a fantastic job! How about Jordan Hassay? She is awesome! 🙂


  3. Paul Stroessner says:

    I’ve been listening to podcasts for almost 10 years. But, I have just started listening to running podcasts for about 8 months now. I love some of the ones you mentioned, like Marathon Training Academy and Run to the Top. Tina and I email each other pretty often. My favorite podcast is The Running Lifestyle Show. I cannot recommend that one highly enough. Kari Gormley is awesome. It is very high quality. She has a main interview with a well known runners. Then she has an interview with a featured runner of the week. Those are great interviews. And she has Serena Marie RD on to talk about dietary topics. And they are always entertaining. Kari and Serena have great chemistry. I also speak with Serena all the time. She is down to earth, and really knows her stuff.
    Another really good one is Diz Runs With…
    Denny Kraye has weekly conversations with various types of runners. He is very good. I normally have to listen to music when I run, because I have a difficult time focusing on the podcasts. But, I can always listen to The Running Lifestyle Show and Diz Runs With… anytime I’m running.
    Another outstanding podcast is Embrace Running. That one is the same as Marathon Training Academy. They have the same format. But, instead of Angie and Trevor, it is Elena and Mark.

    On my site, I’m going to write a series about the podcasts I listen to

    By the way, you have a great site!

    – Paul


  4. Chris Darling says:

    I enjoy Tips with Trey from the Connect Run Club, The Extra Mile (it’s essentially training updates from listeners like you and me), and the Ultra Running Podcast (even though I’m not an Ultra Runner at all.


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