Vacations Were Made for Running: Part 2



I am leaving in a little bit for my vacation in Santa Barbara with my friends from college.

I am so freakin’ excited.

Surprisingly, I have lots of running on the calendar!

But, unlike my last vacation, I am actually going to do it.


If you have never been to Santa Barbara, you are missing out.

It is absolutely gorgeous.


…is the gorgeous bike trail that I will be running along this weekend.

I know, I know.

I am jealous of myself.

We are going wine tasting,Β shopping, and hiking.

We are getting massages, mani/pedis, and hanging out in a salt cave.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Yes, yes it does.

We will also be eating lots and lots of delicious food.

Definitely looking forward to that too.

Can you tell I am excited?


Tonight, I am spending some quality time with one of my best friends (who also happens to live in Santa Barbara).

We are eating at a super swanky tapas restaurant.


If you need me….Β  I will be here for the next few days.

I’m just rubbing it in a little more.

(big smile)

Don’t hate the player, hate the game,



21 thoughts on “Vacations Were Made for Running: Part 2

  1. Chris Hale says:

    Great post! I always try to find time to run while on vacation — nice to see new places. On a completely different note, what do you use to track your exercise? I like the look of it. Cheers!


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