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Happy day to you.


If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you should), you probably saw my post on Tuesday night about having a laundry basket FULL of running clothes.

It was seriously 99.5% running related items, as you can see from the photo.

It was absolutely ridiculous.

This is something that I (and most of the internet) like to call Runner Problems.

This Instagram post inspired me to start making a list of some of the other #runnerprobs out there.

Most of them are pretty darn funny, but as runners we really don’t think of them as being anything BUT a part of our daily lives.

So let’s explore this idea, shall we?


Wanting to run all the races, but not having the bank roll to support it. My BRFs (best running friends) and I talk about this allllllllll the time. We would love to register and run every single race on the planet, but the fact is that racing is damn expensive! I mean seriously. I keep hoping to win the lottery, but that hasn’t exactly happened yet… #runnerprobs

On the flipside, registering for yet another race and having to break the news to your coach. Racing on a frequent basis can lead to injury and it is the goal of every coach keep their athlete healthy. With this fact in mind, most coaches aren’t exactly keen on the idea of running all the races. If your coach is anything like mine, I know I am going to get a lecture for adding ANOTHER race to the calendar. Do I neeeeed to run 13 races a year? No, but I really like race bling. #runnerprobs

Fancy clothes? You mean my best yoga pants and matching compression socks? Going out for an expensive dinner can at times be a challenge. Most runners live in running attire: their favorite race shirt/jacket, shorts and running shoes… making dressing appropriately in certain situations difficult. #runnerprobs

Chafing (or as my non-running friend likes to call it: running hickies) has been a painful issue for distance runners for billions of years (okay maybe not billions, but you get the point). Getting in the shower after a long run or race can feel like ripping your skin off with a pair of tweezers. Seriously, no one wins with nipple chafe. (By the way, check out 2TOMs Sports Shield if you are having trouble with chafing… it really helps) #runnerprobs

Runger. I have complained about talked about runger on the blog before, and it still continues to haunt me. It never fails… two hours after a long run and runger sets in. I want to eat everything in sight! #runnerprobs

Weekends? You mean long runs and rest days? If you are anything like me, you have flaked out on one or two social events because of a long run. I either have to go to bed early, or I know I am going to be too tired to do anything after the run. This can definitely put a damper in your social calendar, but if they are a good friend they will understand, right?!?  #runnerprobs

Runners tan. The combination of running watches, compression socks, shorts and t-shirts or tank tops make absolutely hideous tan lines. In the summer months, you can spot a runner a mile away.  #runnerprobs

Icebaths. Runners love to hate them, but we know what is good for us. Icebaths have been shown to reduce inflammation and are key in recovering after long runs and tough races. Sitting through an ice bath session is one of the most annoyingly fantastic twenty minutes ever!  #runnerprobs

Paid Time Off? You mean travel days for Racecations? Personally, the majority of the time off that I take from work is to travel for races. My co-workers don’t even ask me what I am doing anymore because they have a good idea already- if I’m taking time off during the running season, chances are its because I am traveling for a race. #runnerprobs

Black toenails are seen as more of a right of passage among runners, than the disgusting injury that it really is. They also make getting a pedicure and wearing flip flops an embarrassing venture. But, hey… runners gotta run, right?  #runnerprobs

What do you think?

Did I forget a #runnerprob?

Feel free to share below.


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28 thoughts on “Runner Probs

  1. brophycat2015 says:

    Or when you have to travel for business and your suitcase is filled with running clothes, running shoes, gear, The Stick, a lacrosse ball and you realize you have no other clothes in the bag. And the bag ALWAYS gets pulled for extra screening #runnerprobs


  2. fionajarrett says:

    Nailed it. The ongoing running shoes conundrum is another- having at least 4 pairs of running shoes at any one time but don’t I need a more cushioned pair for long runs? A lighter pair for short races/ tempo runs? And maybe I should buy a second pair in case I can’t find another pair which I like as much in the future? Suddenly my bank account is empty but that’s ok because I NEEDED them. All of them.


  3. usabaker says:

    You totally left out the shoe collection! Buying and hording last years shoes because you can’t get them anymore, Buying that shoe you like only to find you don’t like them but keep them because you bought them and the shoes with too many miles on them for running but “can always be used to walk around in” all 50 pairs of them.

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  4. janerunswild says:

    All of my clothes in the wash are running clothes. In fact, I have at least two loads to do this weekend…otherwise I’ll have to wear tights that I’ve worn many times now and no one will want to be near me! 🙂 Happy Friday!


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