Your SMART Running Goals!

So, I have majorly been slacking on my blog posts this week.

For that, I am terribly sorry.

Things have been a little nutzo at work!

Annnnnnd I’m getting ready for yet another vacation, so needless to say I am very behind.

Yes, I know, I take a LOT of vacations.

Working in the hospitality industry will do that to you.


A friend and I are driving down to San Diego for the weekend!

We are going to visit a few friends while we are there.

I’m pretty stoked!

Anyway, enough about me.

Last week, I talked about the importance of making SMART running goals.

I asked you to write down your SMART goals and email them to me.

And you didddddddddddd!

I was beyond stoked to get the number of responses that I did…

THANK YOU to those of you who took the time to share their goals.

Let’s go over them!

Brianne says:




Lisa says:


She writes, “I’m coming back from an injury that lasted me well over a year, but things are looking good.  I have a half marathon planned on Father’s Day in June as a bit of a get back in the game/tune up race and I hope to do multiple 10Ks in the coming months to get back some leg speed and such.  A year ago, I ran Princess with my injury (it started in summer 2014 and only recently stopped bothering me) and I ran a 1:52:45 and a 49:04….but I did zero speed work leading into those races because it hurt too much.”




Heather says:



Bob says:

cropped-wineglassHe writes, “Last year it was my first Half. Ill-prepared and without a plan, my goal was sub 2:00.  I finished in 2:09:19. Went out too fast, and started crashing after mile 9. I have a training plan in place, and will follow it. Last year was my first full. I thought I was prepared, but a couple last minute changes in routine played a part in why I missed the mark, (even though I read countless articles telling me not to do just that). I ran a sub 2:00 first half of the race, but my feet failed me on the back half. I finished in 4:16:23. I have a training plan in place, and will follow it, (and not make any last minute changes).

I know what I need to do to achieve these goals, and feel I am well on my way.”


Kate says:



Isn’t it motivating to see the goals of other people?

I know I am excited!

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who sent over their goals and best of luck to you in achieving them!
If I can help you in any way, please let me know!!


Did you forget to send yours over?


Email me and I will update this post!


As you may have noticed, I added links to each person’s blog… so check them out!



Let’s connect!


14 thoughts on “Your SMART Running Goals!

  1. running4meblog says:

    Thank you for the shout out. Had a bit of a set-back (well, a major one), tore my calf muscle on Tuesday. My goals stay the same, although the May 1st Half Marathon will have to shift to a later date. Thanks for the inspiration.


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