Your Friend, The Race Pacer.


Happy day to you!

If you have checked out my 2016 Race Calendar lately, you would have seen that my next “race” is the Modesto Half Marathon.

It’s next weekend to be exact.

And I am nervous as all get-up but super EXCITED!

Why am I nervous and EXCITED!?!?

Because I am the official 2:30 pacer for the race!

Annnnnnd this is my first time pacing!

For those of you that don’t know, Race Pacers are experienced runners tasked to complete the race in a given time.

Usually between 1:30 and 2:30 for a half marathon and 2:45 and five hours for the marathon.

They are the super cool dudes at races who (usually) run bright colors and carry a sign (or flag as some call it).

The pacer’s sole responsibility is to finish the race as close as possible to the finish time “flag” that the are carrying.

They also must set and maintain a specific pace.

Some follow the run walk method, some might negative split a race, or run through all of the aid stations.

It is important to choose a pace that aligns with your training and experience.

How will you know what strategic method the pacer will choose?

Ask them!

Don’t be afraid to get to know them and ask lots of questions.

Pacers are there to help you.

That is their sole purpose.

They have obviously been chosen to pace because they know what they are doing.

Many runners go out too fast in the early miles, bonk later on, and fall off their target pace.

A pacer can help you stay on track, run even splits, and act as your personal cheerleader throughout the race.

If you happen to get on the struggle bus during the race and need some words of encouragement, reach out to them!

However, it is important to listen to your body’s signals on race day.

If you are having an off day and need to slow down or walk…


Don’t be afraid to finish the race on your own time frame.



Let’s connect!


10 thoughts on “Your Friend, The Race Pacer.

  1. arianawoodall says:

    Yay for being a pacer!!!! I didn’t have a watch on during my first half marathon and the pacer saved me a lot of stress wondering where i was and got me to the finish line early!!!!!


  2. RunBikeThrow says:

    Congrats! Pacing is a blast. You get to encourage people the whole way, and to pass you at the end! Plus you gain an entirely new perspective when you’re not running a race full out and those around you are. It always reminds me of how far I’ve come as a runner.


  3. bubblyrunner says:

    I’m scheduled to run the Dallas Rock n Roll half marathon on 3/20, and I signed up to finish it in 2:00. This is the first race I’m thinking about running with a pace group to help me avoid going out too fast. Plus I think it’d be nice to have some words of encouragement along the way!


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