Playing Catch Up.


It is nice to “see” you!

Apparently last week got the best of me and I failed to write a single blog post.


As I mentioned (briefly) in my post from March 25th, I went to Spring Training in Arizona with my family.

It was a fantastic experience.

On a positive note, I did manage to get in 7 miles on Sunday in Arizona…

I actually had 14 miles on the schedule, but called it after 7 because I was not feeling it.

No, no I was not.

A combination of elevation, sickness and lack of mental fortitude were the culprits in that decision.

But, at least I did 7 right?


I flew out from San Francisco on Friday morning and came back Monday afternoon.

I stayed in SF for the next few days, because I had a training class on Wednesday to attend there.

By Wednesday afternoon I was ready to go home!

6 days away from my bed, the office, my cats and a regular schedule had thrown me for a loop.

I had so much to do when I got back…


Grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, emails out the wazoo…

It was very overwhelming.

So, I spent Thursday and Friday trying to get things back in order.

Fortunately, I did.

I am back now, I’m organized again, and I’m ready to rock and roll!

Tomorrow, I will share my race review and recap of the Modesto Half Marathon.


Stay tuned!!!!!


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