6 Lessons Running Has Taught Me

My first race was a 10K Turkey Trot in Bakersfield, Ca in November 2008.


My first Half Marathon was in October 2009 in Long Beach, Ca.


My first Marathon was in November 2009 in Fresno, Ca.


My first obstacle race was in April 2010 in Chino, Ca.


My first triathlon was in March 2013 in Arroyo Grande, Ca.


As you can see, I have had many “first” races in my nine year running career.

I have made many mistakes.

I have bonked in 3 half marathons (2 of them were in 2015).

I have thrown up in the middle of a long run.

I have been late to 2 races.

I have been injured 9 times.

My phone has died in the middle of a race.

I have fallen during a run once.

I could probably go on for at least another hour, but I won’t.


The fact is that running can hurt, it can suck, and it can be challenging…

If you let it.

On the other hand, running can be an amazingly enjoyable experience…

If you let it.

You are in control of your mental state and how you feel about running at any given moment.


Allow me to share with you a few of the lessons that running has taught me.

  1. You have to actually run to be good at it. Sorry friends, there is no BSing running. If you want to be a good runner, regardless of the distance… you have to put in the time and the effort. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge that being a “good” runner is totally subjective- one person’s good race is completely different from another. I am intentionally phrasing it this way because I believe that we ALL have the potential to be our own version of a “good” runner, but you have to put in the time to do it.
  2. Respect the distance. Distance running is not a joke. Don’t show up to a race unprepared! Always study the course map, have a game plan, and a hydration strategy. If you fail to plan, prepare to be dominated by the distance. I learned this valuable lesson after my third bonk in my 14th half marathon. Don’t ever think you are “too” good to bonk… Bonking happens to the best of us.
  3. Love the run. The “Fun” 15 mile long run that I rocked this past weekend is a perfect example of what I mean by “love the run”. I went into it telling myself that I was going to have a good time, and I did. If you go into any run, or race with a crappy attitude- it’s going to suck… hard.
  4. Remember that running is a gift! Any injured runner will tell you how important it is to appreciate running, because it can be taken away from you in a flash. Of the 9 injuries I have had, never once did I think to myself, “This is awesome, I am so glad I can’t run”. NO! I begged and pleaded with my injury… all I wanted to do was run, even if it was just a mile.
  5. You are stronger than you think. If this overweight thirty-something can run 17 half marathons and 2 full marathons, you definitely can. I don’t care how old you are, how athletic you are (or aren’t), or how much you weigh… if I can do it, you definitely can.
  6. Don’t give up. There have been SO MANY times where I have wanted to quit- so many times where I have wanted to throw in the towel, start walking home, or drop out of a race- but I didn’t. I pushed through and learned from those horrendous experiences and I am stronger today because of it. Always press on, always keep going, never give up.

What has running taught you?



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30 thoughts on “6 Lessons Running Has Taught Me

  1. MB Fabulous Tris says:

    Great post! I especially like #2 because i is easy to forget. Running reminds me to be kind to me. I am a much better runner when I’m kind to myself then for example getting mad at me for not being able to finish a workout.


  2. Cassie says:

    That I CAN do this. I actually am stronger than I thought. If someone told me I would be doing this running thing I never would have believed them but I can and AM!


  3. fionajarrett says:

    I love this post because I hardly ever stop and take the time to think back about what I’ve learned as a runner since starting (about 9 years ago too!) You’re definitely right about needing to put the time in and respect it because it is very unforgiving if you don’t. But incredibly rewarding when you do!


  4. aliada2 says:

    Super post. I always have an excuse ready for not doing it… my weight or my asthma. But i want to run… it kills me… i huff and puff like a maniac… people see me and they panic because its like im going to come crushing down… but i push….


  5. beckyrunsbackwards says:

    Love this! All of them I can relate too. Running has taught me to respect good nutrition and the importance of a healthy diet. You can fuel your body for a run and eat like a bird. πŸ˜ŠπŸ“πŸ…πŸ‰


  6. This Happy Accident says:

    I like the first one about being a “good” runner being subjective. I’m very new to running and I tend to compare myself to others and that’s not healthy! I just need to run for myself and not worry about other people’s distance or time. Sometimes I forget that. I need to make my own standard for “good”. Love your blog, so glad I’ve discovered it!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. 50in50marathonquest says:

    Great post, agree with all those lessons learned and it seems every major race I either forget something, learn something new, or break one of the golden rules that I should already know!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. jackiethom says:

    Love love love #5! When people say I’m crazy for running long distances and claim they never could, I always say I bet you could. We’re all (well, almost all) capable if we believe in ourselves! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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