What am I afraid of?


Happy day to you!

According to the race countdown thingy over there…

I have 3 days until the big day.

And by big day, I mean the OC Half Marathon.

You know, the race where I plan to blow my current (post-injury) PR out of the water?

I know I have NOT talked about this race before, so I can see where you could be lost.

(I’m using my sarcastic voice- in case you can’t hear it)

Yeah right.

I have talked about this race like 2 billion times (here, here, and here).

 I am still nervous.


But! I am trying to focus more on the excitement of racing…

And less on the nervousness associated with NOT achieving my goal.

Yes, I said it.

I am afraid that I can’t do it.

I am afraid of failing.

I am afraid of failing myself,

my coach,

my family,

my friends,

and all of you…

(if I am being honest).

In all reality, what does it mean if I don’t achieve my goal?

It means absolutely nothing.


There will ALWAYS be another race.

In fact, I have 3 more opportunities within the next 2 months.

I HAVE worked hard- really, really hard these past few months.

Could I have worked harder?

Of course.

But, I can’t live my life focusing on what I could have done, or should have done.

Life isn’t perfect.

I am not perfect.

Regardless of what happens on Sunday, I can stand firm on the fact that I have worked my ass off to get here.

No one can ever take that away from me.

No one.


Let’s do this.


Have you ever had a goal that you were afraid that you couldn’t achieve?

How did you overcome it?



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15 thoughts on “What am I afraid of?

  1. NancyE says:

    So had did it go? I have a race coming up next weekend that I have not run before – all trail and 12 miles on a mountain ridge. 🙂 This one I really am unsure about but ready for the challenge!


  2. Cassie says:

    Don’t let the clock be the judge of if you had a good time or not. As far as letting people down, those who really love or care about you will still be proud.
    Best of luck to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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