Zensah Well Rounded Shorts Review

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Hello and Happy day to you!


I hope you are having great weekend.

I definitely am enjoying myself and LOVED pacing at the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon today.

Fortunately for me, it gave me yet another opportunity to run in my Zensah Well Rounded shorts.


If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably noticed that I have been running all over the place in these babies.

They are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs of shorts.

I wore them last weekend when I PRed at the OC Half Marathon…


So it is very possible that these are now my lucky shorts.

(Yes, I am THAT superstitious)

Anyway, I like the level of compression that the shorts give and they stay in place.

That is one thing that annoys me with most running shorts… they creep.

I hate having to pull my shorts down every few minutes.

I mean seriously, I have better things to do…

For reals.

But these shorts are completely different.


They do not move around!

They are comfortable and are very light weight.

I must also mention that I have not chafed once in these shorts…


Because there are NO seams.


Genius right?!?!?

I know.

The fabric is also moisture-wicking and anti-odor… which is super helpful.


I really like the length of these shorts too.

The inseam is 4.5 inches!

It is perfect for long distance runs and races.

Distance runners rejoice!

Interested in buying a pair for yourself?

You know you want to!!

Check out Zensah’s website, give ’em a shot!

They retail for $41.99, but luckily for you I have a discount code!!!

Save 15% at checkout using the code “ZENBIB15”.

You won’t be disappointed.


Let’s connect!

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8 thoughts on “Zensah Well Rounded Shorts Review

  1. Christine's Journey To Weight-Loss! says:

    that is awesome…your lucky that your able to run in Marathons. I had one of those running shorts that didn’t stay in place. But thankfuly when I had those shorts on my running top was long.


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