Why Do YOU Run?


Hello and Happy day to you!

Last week I challenged you to share with me the reasons why you do this crazy thing called running.

The response that I received was overwhelmingly awesome!

It was so cool to read everyone’s reasons, because they are all so different.

Looking for some motivation?

Read the stories below and I bet one of them will light a fire under your caboose.

I know it has for me!

So let’s get to it…



From Tammi Lewis at My First 5k and Beyond: I run to keep my sanity! Ha!! Well it’s not too far from the truth..when I started my own blog about doing my first 5k, I wrote one called Remember The Why? I was having one of those moments and I had to ask myself why was I doing this thing. The answer was because I wanted to go the distance and second I had never set a goal is didn’t meet. Now, what motivates to continue is running has become like my meditation and it’s not for anyone else but me. It has nothing to do with taking care of my grandmother, (she’s a sweet ole girl), nothing to with work or school, or driving lessons for my friend’s kid, or all the other stuff, it’s just ME. It’s the one thing I do for myself.


From : switchin’ it up motivates me! And not tryin’ to PR

From: I run to be a better version of myself.

From Adamhaesler: I believe that although maintenance of motivation is important, also important is to recognize the why behind becoming de-motivated. Anyway, I stay motivated by focusing on my goals, and no matter how lofty, or pie in sky, they maybe I could accomplish them. But I need to work hard at them to make them happen, which will mean sacrifice. I also stay motivated by reflection on how far I have come, and looking back on what my goals were even just a year ago. I also stay motivated by the small but significant subtle elements that take your breath away throughout training. Crossing the finish line; powering and overcoming an extreme low during a race; the smile and encouragement of a volunteer; high five from the RD at the finish line; or simply meeting some new amazing individuals at a race, or on the trails, and sharing your wins and losses together. Above all it is the community. Being a runner is kind of like the right of passage to belong to an incredible community of individuals who inspire us to be our best, help us up when we have fallen, gets us back on track when we become lost from our goals and training, and create a sense of care for you possibly not offered by those in your circle of friends and family from before you became a runner. All in all, the community, whether online, in person, on the trails, at home, work, school, or at a race is all around, and if you are willing to embrace it, you will find everything you need, and everyone who needs you, as you are apart of something that only survives if everyone participates. Thus, it is in this realization of responsibility that I find motivation, in addition to the knowledge that I cannot wait to share my journey, and hear about others, and assist them, in the community, that I continue to run. I know that if I look after the community, they will look after me, and so the cycle continues. Thus, I am motivated to run in the interest of something bigger than just myself, I run for the health of the community!


From MerakiEventPlanning @MerakiEventPlan I’m motivated by the notion I once had that I couldn’t run. Every step is proof of my own strength


 Aren’t these stories and reasons for running so incredibly motivating?

It has really inspired me!

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their story.

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to talk about stuff like this, because I feel like it really gets down to the core of who we are as runners.

If you think about it, we all do some pretty crazy things…

We push ourselves to the limit.

We wake up a crazy hours to run.

We drive and fly across states and countries to run races.

We are dedicated.

We are passionate.

We are runners.


Whatever you reason is for doing what you do- always keep it in the forefront of your mind.

This will help you get through the hard times, when you are injured, unmotivated, or have to get up at an ungodly time to get your run in.


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