7 Tips for Running Safety

Hello and Happy day to you!

Sadly, there has been a significant uptick in running related disappearances, injuries and murders lately.

This, unfortunately, is the world we live in, folks.

It is imperative that we are always prepared for any situation that my arise during a run.

I have a few helpful tips and tricks that you can use to protect yourself.


Run with Pepper Spray

A friend and I were talking recently about sticking some pepper spray in our hydration packs when we run. This is a great idea! You can also use a handheld version, or put one in your pocket.

Bring your Cell Phone

A cell phone can be easily tracked to help rescuers find you in an emergency. It can also be handy if you need to call 911 for whatever reason, and can provide EMT/police with your medical information if needed (make sure you enter your personal info and emergency contact number into the medical field!)

Bring Water

You NEVER know what could happen, and in my opinion it is better to me safe than sorry. Bringing water along is always a good idea, especially if it is a hot day or if you are running in an unfamiliar area.

Pay Attention

As much as I LOVE to zone out during a run, I know how important it is to always pay attention when running. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times! And yes, turn down your music so you can hear what is going on around you. Use your peripheral vision as much as you can to scan your surroundings.

Get Out of There

If you run into a location that you are uncomfortable with or see someone/something who makes you nervous, make the smart choice…. GET OUT OF THERE. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut!

Don’t Run Alone

In the past, I have written about how awesome running buddies are, and it still reigns true here. There is safety in numbers! If you can find a friend to run with, do it. It is a lot more fun that way anyway.


Do you have any additional tips for running safely?

Share below!


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14 thoughts on “7 Tips for Running Safety

  1. Tammi Lewis says:

    I just got my second RoadID. I run alone a lot and my friends were on me to get one and I finally did. So now my name, age, two contacts, and allergies are listed if something were to happen.


  2. Just a Running Chick says:

    Personally, I hardly ever run with music on. It is my belief that paying attention to your surroundings trumps any benefit music has. If I need to listen to music, my earbud will only be in one ear. But that’s just me! Miss E.


  3. unironedman says:

    You are more likely to get run over by a bus, but that’s why we are sometimes the biggest risk to ourselves. Take the ear buds out and enjoy your surroundings. Sometimes training can be a lonely thing alright, but getting whacked by a car coz you were bopping to some bangin’ tunes and not paying attention to the road is no fun either.


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