About Rather Be Runnin’


My name is Ashley. I live in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA… rightfully named “America’s Happiest City” by Oprah (if Oprah says it, it’s obviously true). I am a Director of Human Resources, have two cats (Max and Diesel) and I am single (don’t flatter yourself, you are NOT the first one to call me a cat lady).  I am a Christian, I drive a VW Jetta and love to read! I have run 20 Half Marathons, and 2 full Marathons. So, yeah, I like to run. A LOT.

I started this blog back in December of 2012 because I thought it would be fun to blog about an experiment I imposed on myself to eat clean for 12 days. That obviously didn’t go very well (sad face). I then thought it would be cool to write about my life and my goals. I realized that was boring.

Aside from the fact that I love to run my butt off, I am a gigantic dork (ask my friends, they will agree). Once I realized that running was the only cool thing I had to talk about, I just kinda went for it.

So, if you are reading this… thank you for checking me out and if you really like me click the “FOLLOW ME” button there at the top right (no, no, your OTHER right) . I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

Now you know… I WOULD definitely rather be runnin’.


Let’s connect!

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94 thoughts on “About Rather Be Runnin’

  1. greeneemilyj says:

    I LOVE IT! I’m a fellow cat lady (also poodles which is not any cooler lol) and love to run. JEALOUS of your location though!


  2. felixtillmanns says:

    Hey Ashley, Thanks for liking some of my posts today (videos on hikes etc). I m a runner and on Jan 1 2016 I had run 910 days in a row. This came to end on Jan 2nd because of a cross country ski accident that is also a Post called Cameron lake. I have been sitting still for 9 days and it is driving me crazy. I start Physio on Wed.
    2015 was a good year for me, I ran a marathon with my son and I ran my very first Ultra 100 K. ( 60 miles in my 60th year) Anyways nice to meet you and keep on running on forever.


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