Bestowed Box Product Review

I found out about Bestowed through Twitter, as I do most products that I receive to blog about, and I contacted them because I think Nutrition boxes are so cool.

I have a tendency to eat the same thing, every singe day (so not kidding on this one), mainly because I am single and too lazy to cook something extravagant.

Nutrition boxes, like Bestowed have been a game changer in my boring life!

Before I get into my review, I need to mention that they did not pay me to do a review, but did provide me with free product to sample. Continue reading


Fitbox by Platinum Box Giveaway (Ends 4/16)

Fitbox by Platinum Box Giveaway (Ends 4/16)

The awesome people at Platinum Box gave me this Fitbox to give away!

I am so excited to share it with all of you.

Here is what is included in the Fitbox:

Dymatize Xpand 2.0: Pre-Workout
Betancourt Endocrine IGF: Night time Growth
Myogenix Hypershock Rage: Pre-Workout
Speed Nutiritionals CoQ10: Sugar-Free Energy (x2)
Gympact Giftcard: Workout App

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Workout Product Sample Pack Giveaway! (Ends 4/8)

ImageClick here to be entered into the Giveaway!

Included in this raffle are the following:

  • NO Explode (2 servings)- Fruit Punch flavor
  • Optimum Nutrition Platnium PRE (1 serving)- Super Fruit flavor
  • BPI Pump HD (1 serving)- Blue Ice Lemonade flavor
  • Shakeology (1 serving)- Greenberry flavor
  • BPI Silk Amino Acid (1 serving)- Fruit Punch flavor Continue reading

My first review! Love with Food nutrition box

My very first product to review! Yippee! The kind people at Love with Food sent me one of their nutrition boxes to try out. After my triathlon on Sunday, I figured I would give the box a taste since I had a rather large calorie deficit! I was pretty stoked to try all of the cool foods that were included. Here is what came in my box: Continue reading