More Races on the Calendar?!?!?

Hi everyone!

Hope you are doing well today.

Unfortunately my Modesto Race Review & Recap is going to be published next week some time.

Sorry, but things are crazy!

I did however, add a few races to my running calendar recently.

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Don’t be a burnout!


A friend of mine just finished her very first marathon (congrats Heather!); she has been training for a long time. Yesterday, I asked her if she was planning on running tomorrow (which is now today). Her response was, “No, probably Friday”.

At the time, I was blown away! I thought to myself, “how could she take 4 days off?”

Her reason was simple, she didn’t want to get burned out. She wanted to be hungry to run again and she wasn’t mentally there yet.

After giving it some thought, I realized how right she really was. Continue reading