Foodie Friday: Awesome Steak & Mushroom Pasta

Published courtesy of JulieCat in the Kitchen’s blog:

Monday was a long day this week, and I was seriously contemplating the option of ordering take-out after work (super greasy Chinese seemed like the perfect ending to a busy day).  However, a sudden burst of creativity and the need to unwind in front of the stove (cooking relaxes me, I know I’m weird) made me think otherwise.  I made this within a half hour and it was sooooo worth the extra effort:

Steak & Mushroom Pasta

Steak & Mushroom Pasta

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Sunday Funday: I love oatmeal.

I decided that since yesterday’s post, “Drivers, please stop trying to run me over” was so serious, I should do a fun post today.

YAY for FUN!

With that being said, I admit it.

I am weird.

I am totally a “routined” eater. I have talked about this already… but I digress.

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