…And Take Names.

Hello and Happy day to you!

Every few months I feel like I write one of these posts…

The post where I realize I am slacking (no offense Fallon!), decide to pick myself up by the bootstraps and get my sh*t together.

Also known as this post, this post, this post and this post.

The post where I decide to start kicking a$$ and taking names.

This post is a little different though.

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Why Do YOU Run?


Hello and Happy day to you!

Last week I challenged you to share with me the reasons why you do this crazy thing called running.

The response that I received was overwhelmingly awesome!

It was so cool to read everyone’s reasons, because they are all so different.

Looking for some motivation?

Read the stories below and I bet one of them will light a fire under your caboose.

I know it has for me!

So let’s get to it…

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I think I can, I think I can…

Hello and Happy day to you!

As many of you know, I just (praise the Lord!) recovered from a minor hamstring injury that forced me to pull out of Rock n’ Roll San Diego.


But! I am back running and haven’t had any problems with my hamstring since.


I do, however, feel as though I have lost some fitness.

Or maybe it is in my head?

Who knows.

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Things That (As A Runner) I Can’t Stand!

Hello and Happy day to you!


As a runner, there are certain things that really piss me off!

I am sure most people don’t understand, but maybe you (being a fellow runner) will agree with me…

1. When some moron sprints ahead and then stops in front of me in the middle of a race.

Pull your head out of your ass, man! I mean come on! It’s called peripheral vision, use it and check out your surroundings before you come to a complete freakin’ stop. I understand that you are tired, but really? Continue reading

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon Race Review & Recap (The 2016 Edition)

Hello and happy day to you!


On Saturday, May 7, 2016 I was the 2:30 pacer for the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon.

This was my first assignment for Beast Pacing and what a day it was.

But, I am skipping ahead a little.

Let’s start at the beginning.

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Weird things runners do…

There is no doubt about it.

Runners are freaking weird.

I mean seriously.

We run long distances for fun.

Most people hate walking to the mailbox and we look forward to our long runs.

Like I said…


You know how much I love “keeping it real”

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46 days…

Hello everyone!

Happy day to you.

As most of you know, I am pacing the Modesto Half Marathon this weekend.

I am really excited.

But, now that the Modesto Half weekend is here…

I realize that this means that the OC Half Marathon is coming up next.

In 46 days to be exact.

In 45 days, I plan to run my fastest Half Marathon to date.

Yes, the countdown has officially begun.

After such a ridiculously amazing race at Surf City in February, Continue reading

Guest Blog: When You Should Ease Up on Your Marathon Training

The coveted 26.2: Many people, whether seasoned runners or racing newbies, are allured by the marathon. Some hope to cross it off their bucket list, others do it to come home with a shiny new PR (personal record), while some people simply want to claim bragging rights.

But hold up! While many people get hooked once they first experience a runner’s high – those feel-good chemicals released in the brain while pushing your body to its limits – that elation can lead to too much of a good thing.1 In fact, marathon runners are especially vulnerable to exercise addiction.2 Think of running like medication: People use it to stay healthy and prevent a handful to chronic illnesses. But like with a drug, there is a chance of overdosing. Even without the risk of addiction, marathon training puts a ton of stress on the body, especially since most running plans are in the 16– to 20–week range. Research suggests the benefit of physical exercise has its limits, and overdoing it can lead to weakened heart health and even tamper with longevity.3 If marathon training is approached the wrong way, it can lead to some serious health hazards, not to mention the risk of not making it to the starting line.

Of course, runners can still enjoy that high (and a shiny new medal). It’s all about understanding the warning signs of overuse or overtraining. In 2013, there were 541,000 marathon finishers in the U.S. – an all-time high.4 If done with the right attitude and precautions, a finish line can definitely be in your future.

So how do runners train hard but not too hard? How do you know when you’re pushing your body past its limits? We break down the dangers of overdoing it, plus offer smart training tips. Continue reading

The Best Podcasts About Running!


I hope you are doing well today.

I am pretty tired and sore from the Hot Chocolate 15K in San Francisco yesterday, but I had a great time!

I can’t wait to share my race review with you.

Stay tuned for that.

Today, I am unveiling part two of my “Best Of” series and am focusing specifically on the best running podcasts.

Ever since I listened to Serial on my way to San Diego last January, I have fallen in love with podcasts.

It is now my preferred way to travel!

Although I mainly listen to running podcasts now, I can thank Serial for exposing me to this fantastic world of information.

I have listened to ba-zillions (yes, that IS a number) of podcasts since then.

Here are my favorite running podcasts!

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The Power of a Great Running Mantra

According to Runner’s World, “To achieve your running goals, powerful legs and big lungs aren’t enough—you also need a strong head.”

And a good running mantra!

The Sanskrit word “mantra” literally means “instrument for thinking.”

Mantras have been used to focus the mind in meditation and can help you stay on “track” when the “road” (pun intended) gets tough.

It can be used any where: during the last few miles of a race, a particularly challenging hill repeat, or even during a long run. Continue reading