Why Do YOU Run?


Hello and Happy day to you!

Last week I challenged you to share with me the reasons why you do this crazy thing called running.

The response that I received was overwhelmingly awesome!

It was so cool to read everyone’s reasons, because they are all so different.

Looking for some motivation?

Read the stories below and I bet one of them will light a fire under your caboose.

I know it has for me!

So let’s get to it…

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I think I can, I think I can…

Hello and Happy day to you!

As many of you know, I just (praise the Lord!) recovered from a minor hamstring injury that forced me to pull out of Rock n’ Roll San Diego.


But! I am back running and haven’t had any problems with my hamstring since.


I do, however, feel as though I have lost some fitness.

Or maybe it is in my head?

Who knows.

I am feeling a little off this week. Continue reading

Things That (As A Runner) I Can’t Stand!

Hello and Happy day to you!


As a runner, there are certain things that really piss me off!

I am sure most people don’t understand, but maybe you (being a fellow runner) will agree with me…

1. When some moron sprints ahead and then stops in front of me in the middle of a race.

Pull your head out of your ass, man! I mean come on! It’s called peripheral vision, use it and check out your surroundings before you come to a complete freakin’ stop. I understand that you are tired, but really? Continue reading

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon Race Review & Recap (The 2016 Edition)

Hello and happy day to you!


On Saturday, May 7, 2016 I was the 2:30 pacer for the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon.

This was my first assignment for Beast Pacing and what a day it was.

But, I am skipping ahead a little.

Let’s start at the beginning.

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Do it anyway.

In all honesty, since Rock n’ Roll LA, running and I have not been BFFs…

If I was in the cafeteria back in High School and running asked if it could sit at my table (which was obviously not at the “Cool Kids” table) I would say “NO!”.

Some days I wake up and I do not want to run (today being one of them)…

but I do it anyway. Continue reading

The crazy things I think about when I run.

I admit it.

I am a little crazy.

But, I think most distance runners are.

We push ourselves to the limits.

We run for hours on end.

We run with injuries.

We wake up when it’s dark to get our runs in before work.

We wear compression socks, foam roll and take ice baths… because it helps with recovery.

We are all a little crazy.

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Tapering into Insanity


I started my taper on Sunday with a 6 mile run and rested yesterday. Today’s run was 2.25 miles and I will probably run about 3 tomorrow. My body seems to respond pretty well to tapers, if I do them correctly (i.e. rest and not get crazy during my short runs). The problem is…

I. am. going. stir. crazy.

Running allows me to work out all of the restless energy and anxiety that life throws at me on a regular basis. When I am tapering, I don’t have the ability to do that so all of my nervous energy inside of me and makes me nuts-o! Continue reading