Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon Race Review & Recap

Hello and Happy day to you!

Because I haven’t written a race review & recap in almost 2 months (Thanks again RnR San Diego), I am beyond excited to FINALLY have a race to talk about.

Goodness gracious, it’s been too long.

And seriously- how big of a mouthful is this blog post!?!?

Try saying that 10 times fast…

You can’t do it can you!?!?!

All jokes aside, this is race has been on my bucket list since I started running back in 2008.

Napa to Sonoma is Destination Races flagship event in their Wine Country Half Marathon Series.


Only 3,500 runners are allowed to run in this coveted race and it sells out in less than 30 minutes each year.


The question you are probably thinking to yourself…

Is it worth the hype? Continue reading


I think I can, I think I can…

Hello and Happy day to you!

As many of you know, I just (praise the Lord!) recovered from a minor hamstring injury that forced me to pull out of Rock n’ Roll San Diego.


But! I am back running and haven’t had any problems with my hamstring since.


I do, however, feel as though I have lost some fitness.

Or maybe it is in my head?

Who knows.

I am feeling a little off this week. Continue reading

Things That (As A Runner) I Can’t Stand!

Hello and Happy day to you!


As a runner, there are certain things that really piss me off!

I am sure most people don’t understand, but maybe you (being a fellow runner) will agree with me…

1. When some moron sprints ahead and then stops in front of me in the middle of a race.

Pull your head out of your ass, man! I mean come on! It’s called peripheral vision, use it and check out your surroundings before you come to a complete freakin’ stop. I understand that you are tired, but really? Continue reading

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon Race Review & Recap (The 2016 Edition)

Hello and happy day to you!


On Saturday, May 7, 2016 I was the 2:30 pacer for the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon.

This was my first assignment for Beast Pacing and what a day it was.

But, I am skipping ahead a little.

Let’s start at the beginning.

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Modesto Half Marathon Race Review & Recap

I can’t believe that the Modesto Half Marathon was over 2 weeks ago.

As I mentioned yesterday, my vacation to Arizona and San Francisco royally threw me out of wack, so I apologize for the late post.

If you read my pacing blog post, you already know that I had a blast pacing this race.

It was an absolutely amazing experience!

But, I digress… We already talked about that.


What about the race itself, man?!?!

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Race Pacing Changed My Life


Hi everyone!

As many of you know, I was given the opportunity to be the 2:30 Pacer for the Modesto Half Marathon this past Sunday.

I am proud to say that it was a ground breaking, earth shattering, life altering experience.

It was an event that I will never ever forget.

To answer your first question…

How close did you get to the 2:30 finish time?

Well… pretty damn close.


Preeeetttyyyy damn close.

To answer your second question…

Was it hard?

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Surf City Half Marathon Race Review & Recap

Hello everyone!

Happy day to you.

Yesterday, I ran the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA.

As many of you know, this race has been on my bucket list for a while.

I registered for the race back in 2014, but had to DNS because of my stupid injury.

So, I was determined to vindicate myself.

The weather predicted unusually HOT temperatures on race day.

With a 7:45 am race start time, I was nervous about the heat.

If you have read my Shoreline Half Marathon race review, you already know how much I HATE running in the heat.

Hate, with a capital H.

Yes, I know, this is something I need to get over.

I will… some day.



Fortunately, my race outfit was perfect for the temperatures…

and I fit in nicely with the “beach vibe”, don’t you think?

I think so.

I drove down on Saturday morning and was able to check into my hotel early.


After some shopping, I headed over to the Expo to pick up my packet.

The expo was HUGE!

There were lots of big names there…

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Race Results


  • 11/21/2008: Turkey Trot 10k  Time- 52:48 (3rd in age group)
  • 1/10/2009: Bakersfield Fog Run 10K   Time- 54:09
  • 1/11/2009: CSUB Valentines Day 10K   Time- 52:15    (2nd in age group)
  • 5/16/2009: Dala Horse Trot 10K   Time- 49:02   (2nd overall women)
  • 10/11/2009: Long Beach Half Marathon   Time- 2:02:38
  • 1/8/2009: Fresno Two-Cities Marathon   Time- 4:11:43
  • 4/10/10: So Cal Warrior Dash 5K   Time- 32:56
  • 5/20/2012: Fresno California Classic Half Marathon   Time- 2:05.40
  • 6/17/2012: San Francisco Half Marathon   Time- 2:04.25
  • 3/24/2013: March Triathlon Series   Time- 1:54.18
  • 4/7/2013: San Luis Obispo Half Marathon  Time- 1:57:32