Three day weekends are for cool people.

It’s a 3 day weekend!


While most Americans are on vacation, partying it up or tanning in their back yards…

I will do doing the following:

crop380w_istock_000002981814xsmall-college-search-panic - Copy crossfit - Copy food-motion-cooking-workshops - Copy grocery - Copy laundry - Copy PHOTOSPEED3NG 14 mile - Copy Being-lazy - Copy coffee - CopyJealous?

Probably not.

My life is boring.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Share with the class, so we can all secretly be envious of your amazingly cool life.

The person with the coolest plans is the winner!



47 thoughts on “Three day weekends are for cool people.

  1. Jessica Main says:

    I’m late on the comment, but I did have solid weekend plans! I went to Boston with my husband for the first time, and did as much running as we could muster! Check out our weekend recap at!


  2. ttoffelmire says:

    I’m in Canada, so no long weekend here, and I’m staying at home with my kids these days, so no days off ever for that sort of fun 🙂 That said, I raced a Half on Sunday and spent Monday gardening.


  3. says:

    Watch soccer
    Grocery shop
    Watch a dance recital
    Do laundry
    Watch more soccer
    Shop for shoes (not for me)
    My life is pretty run-of-the-mill, but I love it 🙂


  4. klmantczak says:

    Saturday I knocked out an 8 mile run that was a painful grind and I’m still not sure why. I just could not get my act together. Then tutu making! Yesterday was the Freedom Run 5k (where I wore the tutu) and got a PR for myself. 🙂 Today is usually an off day, but it’s beautiful out, so I may head out for an easy few miles, then heading into Boston for some photography. The exciting life of a runner and photographer! HA!


  5. Dena Maddie says:

    I like the sleeping one.
    martial arts saturday morning, and then mexican food for dinner. Taking the next two days off to lay by the pool and barbeque. Could always use some recovery time!


  6. FUchick1 says:

    i did get in a run which hasn’t hapened much lately so that is my accomplishment for the wkd. i have every excuse to not get off the couch for the next two days, except to try and run again of course and maybe write a bit of my book. enjoy!


  7. Sandra says:

    I will work at least 6-7 hours every day in preparation for Tuesday’s deadline. I will run/walk a 5k on the treadmill (since I am too sick/asthmatic to go outside and do the Glow Run tonight). I will ride my bike tomorrow again (probably in my basement) just to get miles in and make sure my legs don’t forget how to ride. And I will mentally prepare for my triathlon in about 18 days (egads). I will do it, even if I have to walk, dammit!
    Enjoy your break. BTW: I love the color scheme of your background. It always makes me smile.


    • ratherberunnin says:

      Great job on working out even though you can’t go outside and good luck on your triathlon! That’s so awesome!!!! And thank you for the compliment about my background, I love it too. It’s very bright and cheery! 🙂


    • ratherberunnin says:

      I didn’t end up cleaning my house… which is gross because my floor needs to be mopped. Although most people would classify my house as being clean because everything put away… I still think it is messy. 🙂


  8. says:

    my baby (he’s 2) and daddy are camping at a father/son campout. so my daughter and i with some girlfriends had dinner out together. i’m, so excited to hear about their trip tomorrow:D


  9. Debbie @ Deb Runs... says:

    In addition to running with my friends tomorrow morning, I’m training two clients, then fighting the masses to shop at Costco. Sunday we’re hosting a huge neighborhood BBQ, and Monday I’m cleaning up and recovering! 🙂

    Have a great “laid back” weekend!


  10. sarcasticallywitty says:

    My life is boring also. I work in the food industry. I will be working mostly all weekend. The only day I have free is Saturday and is laundry, cleaning, workout and preparing for next week. 😦


  11. Cyanne says:

    My plans include completing 6 deliverables for work, probably no less than 2 conference calls before 9 am on Saturday and Sunday, running a few miles, lots of planks/squats/lunges/push-ups, some sleep, hopefully a pedicure, suit shopping because I’m too lazy to take my other ones to the cleaners, laundry, packing, and traveling for work on Memorial Day afternoon.

    And devouring about 5 pounds of berries.


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