I’m Not Down with the Sickness.

 Hello and happy day to you!

Remember that time (last week) when I told you about the slowest long run in the history of the world?

It turns out… I was sick and didn’t realize it.

I know, weird right?

First off, I never get sick.


And secondly, it’s freaking August.

What weirdo gets a cold in August?

[pointing at myself]

This weirdo.

I realize that part of being a runner, means that you are completely insane.

Yes, I said it, we are all insane.

(Don’t look at me like that… you know I am right.)

Anyway, I struggled HARD with not working out.

Especially since I am still trying to get into the rhythm of running in the mornings, again and I have another race in a few weeks.

I didn’t want to mess things up by taking another break because of a bogus cold.

But I am a huge baby when I get sick.

To make myself feel better about running, I did a little research on the subject.

Here is what Runner’s World had to say about running while sick:

But, doctors say, you still walk a fine line. Take extra caution when training with anything worse than a minor cold because it can escalate into more serious conditions affecting the lower respiratory tract and lungs.

If you’re still in doubt about whether it’s safe to run or not, take your temperature. If it’s above 99 degrees, skip your run.”

So I ran.

Did it feel good?

Heck no.

Did I enjoy myself?

Heck no.

But I did it anyway.

Fortunately, I am feeling much better now, but I must stress the importance of listening to you body and running slow.

Force yourself to take it easy, even if you are running with a cold (like I was).

Remember that the body is working overtime to try to kill a virus- so be careful.

But, if you can… run through it.

When you look at your running log at the end of the week, you will be glad you toughed it out.

I sure am glad I did.

Do you workout when you are sick?
When is your next race?

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8 thoughts on “I’m Not Down with the Sickness.

  1. Wenaissance says:

    That sucks! I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to running with a cold because I’ve had pneumonia and don’t want to go down that road again. You’re right though, listen to your body. Hope you’re back to 100% soon!


  2. Eribis says:

    It takes a lot to get me to give up a run….more then a cold so yes I have, and will run when sick. My next race is a full marathon on labor day. I’m feeling healthy now and keep telling myself I better stay that way. I can get a cold September 8 but not until them! You said it! I am insane!


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