Weird things runners do…

There is no doubt about it.

Runners are freaking weird.

I mean seriously.

We run long distances for fun.

Most people hate walking to the mailbox and we look forward to our long runs.

Like I said…


You know how much I love “keeping it real”

So, let’s talk about just how weird we really are!


We wear compression everything.

In my opinion, compression stuff TOTALLY works.

But! Stuffing yourself into a tight pair of pants, shorts, socks, etc. all for the sake of compression is pretty hilarious.


We tape our nipples.

Yes, yes, I know… chafing totally sucks.

Like totally sucks.

But you have to admit that nipple taping is weird.

Because it is.


We wear everything neon.

Research is still out on whether or not neon colors actually helps you run faster…

But we have no problem going with it anyway.

(I have those socks by the way… and they DO help me run faster)


We take ice baths.

As much as ice baths SUCK, they actually do help your muscles.

But, it’s still weird.


We’re obsessed with race bling.

Races like the Disney Dopey Challenge, and Rock n Roll’s Remix Challenge have capitalized on this strange phenomenon.

Runners put themselves through hours and hours of pain and suffering… all in the name of race bling.


We monitor our urine.

Hydration is super important- no one will argue that.

But as runners, we take urine monitoring to the next level.

We are a weird bunch.


We embrace tan lines.

Image result for urine monitoring runner

Most people strive to get rid of tan lines, but we love them!

Frankly, I am jealous of those with fantastic tan lines because I don’t tan…

But that is besides the point.


We love our running stickers.

Many non-runners have complained about our obsession with displaying our running achievements…

But we don’t care.

And we shouldn’t!


We have our own language.

PB, PR, BQ, fartlek, bonk, LSD, hit the wall…

What the hell are we talking about?

Unless you are a runner, you will never know!


We aren’t ashamed of our black toenails.

Black toenails are a badge of honor for most runners.

It is a sign that you are putting in the miles and your toes are paying for it.

Most people think it’s gross, but we think it’s kinda cool.


We have weird pre-race rituals.

From drinking a certain amount of coffee, to laying your gear out the night before, to charging all the gadgets…

We have our pre-race rituals down and heaven forbid if we forget a step.

I mean, the rituals are what helps us run fast, right?


We kinda like porta-potties.

Actually, a porta-potty can be a life saver in the middle of a race.

I was so excited to find one during a long run that I Instagrammed about it.

So yeah, we are weird for liking porta-potties.


We want to run all the races.

Runners spend thousands of dollars a year on races, traveling, hotels and gas…

All for the love of the run and the race bling.

Talk about a hobby!


If you didn’t think we were a weird bunch before, I bet you do now.

We definitely do some strange things…

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some might call it weird, but I call it awesome.


I am proud to call myself a runner.



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17 thoughts on “Weird things runners do…

  1. Crystal says:

    I may only have been running for 3.5 years now, but given how much of me I saw in this post, there must have been a running gremlin inside of me just bursting to get out for decades! Thanks – made me laugh out loud!!!


  2. aliada2 says:

    i so wanna be a runner… and god knows I’m trying…and now i have black toenails (well they have started to discolor on the sides, and I didn’t know why until now, and hated them till I read this)…and after reading this… i feel my mediocre efforts are worth it… YAY to running!


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